2011-2012 Globalization Awardees

2011-2012 Globalization Awardees Image of Globalization Awardees with Dean Delano LewisFrom left to right: Dr. Barry Thatcher, Dean Delano Lewis, Owen Cortner (missing Dr. Gary Lowe) Owen Cortner

Owen is a senior in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.  Over the past two years, he has worked extensively in the Aggies Go Global program (AGG).  He has provided an amazing amount of assistance to AGG both in quantity and quality.  He has provided leadership that has helped AGG evlove form a new initiative three years ago assisting only a few students to a maturing organization that will provide direct financial and advising assistance to over 100 NMSU students working in 28 countries by the end of this summer.  His array of talents encompass IT skills that have contributed to the new AGG web-site and a quiet leadership, organizational style that has helped with the establishment of a student organization affiliated with AGG: The World Student Alliance (WSA).  For an undergraduate, his resume of international activities attest to his motivation to expand his horizons and the variety of his past and present activities is impressive.  For each of the past three years he has participated in interesting and challenging international activities: a water well/elephant project in Namibia (2008), participant in an international conversation conference in Kenya (2009) and a major research project focusing on increasing water resources in Rwanda (2010).  In keeping with his clear focus,he has been a significant participant in the NMSU Model United Nations Program.  Owen Cortner is an outstanding example of someone who is already a global citizen and will continue in this way to contribute to international and global understanding.

Dr. Gary Lowe

Gary is the Global Mentoring Coordinator for Aggies Go Global in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.  His passion for internationalizing this campus shows through acts of generosity and support for students, always going above and beyond his required duties to help students go abroad.  Over the past semester, he has been working feverishly to assist students in obtaining funding from wherever possible, in order to help students financially in their endeavors abroad.  In the past, he has sent a few students out each semester and also assisted research groups to go abroad.  This semester he has increased his numbers tenfold, sending out and getting assistance for over 100 students.  He has worked with ASNMSU in securing funding for students who are doing research, studying and volunteering in almost 30 countries.  When personally working with Gary, you learn of his heart and dedication for internationalizing this campus.  He extends himself even while on “vacation” through emails and phone calls.  It is refreshing to see a person so passionate about what they are doing for others.

Dr. Barry Thatcher

Barry is an Associate Professor in the English Department in the College of Arts and Sciences.  He has been a tireless supporter and promoter of international and global studies since his arrival at NMSU in 2004.  Barry has thoroughly integrated international and global issues in his teaching at NMSU, ranging from 200-level writing and other undergraduate courses focusing on border relations and inter-cultural communications to directing several dissertations involving international communication issues.  He has served as an Adjunct Faculty member for La Universisdad Autonoma de Cuidad Juarez and for El Colegio de Chihuahua in Cd Juarez.  In the mid-1990’s, he taught organizational communication, business communication and technical communication in Spanish at La Universidad San Francisco de Quito, in Quito, Ecuador.  His global and international teaching credentials are outstanding.  Barry’s record of research and publications is similarly outstanding.  He has published more than 35 book chapters or journal articles on border and globalization issues.  In fact, he is a founding co-editor of the on-line journal Rhetoric, Professional Communication and Globalization, a refereed scholarly journal designed to meet the burgeoning interest in and scholarship about communication in a global world.  He has accumulated more than $600K in grants to support his various international and global activities, most involving technical assistance and training programs.  Following is a list of several of his more international and global accomplishments:

  • Initiated a large study of how U.S. border universities accommodate writers in the global context and specifically along the U.S.-Mexico border and finished a large study of how teaching health materials in adult ESL classes improves the ESL curriculum for border ESL students.
  • Completed a single-authored text Intercultural Rhetoric and Professional Communication, that will appear later this year from IGI Press, focusing on how business and technical communication mediates the globalization processes and relations.
  • Serves on the Globalization Committee for the Conference on College Composition and Communication, organizing projects aimed at helping the discipline of rhetoric and writing to work with global students, ie, from all around the world and on the Globalization Committee for the Council of Programs in Scientific and Technical Communication, working on a global initiative for recruiting international students.
  • Helped develop the Association for Latin American Rhetoric, a global organization devoted to studying contemporary and historical rhetoric in Latin America with members from almost every Latin American country, Spain, and the United States.
  • Working with Latin American scholars to create a peer-reviewed journal, Latin American Rhetoric, which will publish articles in Spanish, Portuguese, and English and whose editorial board consists of members all over Latin America.


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