2015 Globalization Award Announced

On Tuesday, April 7, 2015, IBP held its 2014-15 Globalization Awards ceremony.  This year the event was held in the new Domenici building’s atrium and a heightened effort was made to attract nominees.  It was successful, as 13 nominations were made.  The IBP Advisory Council helped choose the winner, Dr. Winnie Lee.  Dr. Lee received a trophy and a $1,000 travel voucher from IBP.  The nominees are listed below.

Three areas also took the opportunity to offer first-ever globalization awards for their areas.  Those areas and winners are also listed below.


Nominees for the 2014-15 Globalization Award

Nominees for the 2014-15 NMSU Globalization Award

  • (Winner) Dr. Yu-Feng “Winnie” Lee – Associate Professor International Business, College of Business
  • Christopher P. Brown, Associate Professor and Department Head, Geography
  • Sonya Cooper – Associate Dean, College of Engineering
  • Sandra Deshors – Assistant Professor Linguistics, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Nancy Flores – Food Technology Specialist, College of Agriculture, Consumer & Environmental Sciences
  • Juan Garcia – Vice President for Student Services, NMSU-A
  • Jose Gonzales-Gonzales – Associate Professor Spanish, NMSU-A
  • Ilana Lapid – Assistant Professor Creative Media Institute, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Jill McDonald – Professor Public Health Sciences, College of Health & Social Services
  • Brook Milligan – Professor Biology, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Michael K. (Mick) O’Neill – Professor, Agricultural Science Center
  • Brenda Seevers – Distinguished Professor, College of Agriculture, Consumer & Environmental Sciences


    Winnie Lee accepts her award.

  • Kenny Stevens – Professor, College of Engineering







Three other areas also presented awards recognizing international engagement:


 College of Arts And Sciences – Presented by Christa Slaton, Dean

  • Rani Alexander, Anthropology
  • Jeff Longwell, Language and Linguistics


IMG_0858 - Copy

R. Alexander, C. Slaton, J. Longwell


College of Education – Presented by Bob Wood for Dean Michael Morehead

  • Candace Kaye, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Frank “Paco” Gilpin, Kinesiology and Dance
  • Marlene Salas-Provance, Special Education and Communication Disorders
IMG_0859 - Copy

B. Wood, F. Gilpin, M. Salas-Provance, C. Kaye


Office of the Vice President for Research – Presented by Vimal Chaitanya, Vice President for Research

  • Ross Staffeld, Mathematical Sciences
  • James McAteer, Astronomy
IMG_0860 - Copy

J. McAteer, V. Chaitanya, R. Staffield



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