Education Abroad Advisor Travels to Spain

Education Abroad Advisor Travels to Spain

by Angelina Palumbo, NMSU Office of Education Abroad


Angelina Palumbo-Gómez, Education Abroad Advisor at New Mexico State University returned from a three-week venture to Spain, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Mrs. Gómez applied for a Spanish government grant through a program called Eduespaña. The primary goal of the program was to introduce U.S. institutions of higher education to Spanish universities, language schools, business schools and other international education providers, offering a wide range of opportunities to American students. These workshops have the added value of an on-site experience for decision makers considering Spain as a destination for their study abroad programs. Invitations to attend the Workshops were extended to university-level international education administrators, chairs of academic departments and faculty leading short-term programs, interested in exploring the diverse opportunities currently available in Spain. Ms. Gómez visited Madrid, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander and Comillas as part of the grant program. Here is an article from the Europa Press in Spain about our trip to Comillas:


Eduespaña 2013 in Madrid

The following two weeks proved successful in visiting with 8 International partners in Sevilla, Spain, La Rochelle, France, Maynooth, Ireland, and Birmingham, London and Loughborough, England. Two new agreements will be signed adding to the already diverse options for NMSU students to study abroad. For more information about the Office of Education Abroad, and opportunities to earn credit around the world, please contact 575-646-5107 or go to


With Jesus Vidal from CEA – Sevilla, Spain


With Paul Mullally at National University of Ireland Maynooth


In collaboration with Midwestern State University and the British Studies Program – NMSU sends 2 professors and 5 students to London!

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