International and Border Programs Advisory Council



Meetings and Minutes:

Feb 3, 2017 — IBPAC Agenda.  Meeting Highlights.

April 5, 2016 IBPAC Agenda and Handout

March 1, 2016 IBPAC (no quorum, distributed Globalization Award guidelines electronically)

April 9 2015 IBPAC Minutes

April 9 2015 IBPAC Agenda and Handouts

April 29 2014 IBPAC Minutes

April 2014 post about the first meeting of the council.


Current members of the Council:

  1. Associate Provost for IBP (chair) – Rod McSherry, Interim Associate Provost for IBP
  2. Center for English Language Programs – Jan Snyder, Interim Director
  3. College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences – Rolando Flores, Dean of the College
  4. College of Arts & Sciences – Enrico Pontelli, Interim Dean of the College
  5. College of Business – Richard Adkisson, Department Head in Economics, Applied Statistics, and International Business
  6. College of Education – Donald Pope Davis, Dean of the College
  7. College of Engineering – Laskshm Reddi, Dean of the College
  8. College of Health & Social Services – Donna Wagner, Dean of the College
  9. Confucius Institute – Elvira Masson, Director
  10. Graduate School – Louí-Vicente Reyes, Dean of the Graduate School
  11. Honors College – Miriam Chaiken, Dean of the College
  12. Library – Mariaelena De La Rosa, Assistant Professor and Collections Coordinator
  13. Office of Education Abroad
  14. Office of International Student and Scholar Services – Michael Schmelzle, Director
  15. Vice President for Research – Luis Vazquez, interim Vice President

(Updated January, 2017)



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