Mexico: NMSU Engineering Without Boundaries Group Returns from Querétaro

Fourteen Aggies participating in the NMSU Engineering Without Boundaries project (formerly Engineers Without Borders) returned from a summer project in Querétaro, Mexico on August 14, 2014.

Kenny Stevens, associate professor of engineering technology, and adviser to the group, said, “[They] did amazing things and finished the community center in Rancho Nuevo in twenty three days.  Community members were involved throughout the process and were thrilled to have the scrap wood and cardboard shack replaced by something that they can use for years to come. Tears and hugs were many as the group left on the 14th of August for a day’s R and R in Queretaro City before flying back to El Paso. A local Huapango band even  showed up for the send-off. As of now the new center will be used as a school, community gathering place, church and doctor’s office. The construction site was visited by the municipal president of Pinal de Amoles, and high ranking members of the Comision Nacional de Aguas de Queretaro.  Radio Queretaro (state radio) broadcast a report on the project and even got our name right (Universidad Estatal de Nuevo Mexico). A massive thank you goes out to the two student project managers, Tiffany Turner and Isaias Corona, as well as the municipal architect of Pinal de Amoles, Fernando Torres, who went above and beyond by providing technical advice, material acquisition assistance and transportation.”

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