NMSU Campus Globalization Awards

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Nominations for NMSU’s 2018 Globalization Award will be accepted in Spring 2018.  

Contact ibp@nmsu.edu for more details. 




NMSU has a long tradition of honoring those making significant contributions to the internationalization of the campus.

Instructions About How to Nominate Someone

Anyone can make a nomination. Two awards will be given – one for faculty, and one for staff.  Each winner will receive a trophy and a $1,000 travel award, and have their names engraved on a plaque commemorating all winners dating back to 1999 (see list below).

Nominations should include a letter, or letters, of recommendation, and contact information for both the nominator and nominee.  Any additional supporting information is welcome.   Those wishing to make nominations are asked to submit a nomination via email or by regular mail to the Office of International and Border Programs, Garcia Annex, Rm. 246.   Winners will be chosen by members of the International and Border Programs Advisory Council and will evaluate nominees in each of the following categories:

  • Impact inside the university
  • Impact outside the university
  • Leadership – including innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Academics and teaching
  • Length of commitment/work


Globalization Award Past Winners:

Manal Hamzeh        2017
Kenny Stevens        2016
Dianne Gobrick        2016
Winnie Lee             2014-15
Candace Kaye         2013-14
Gary Lowe              2010-2011
Barry Thatcher        2010-2011
Owen Cortner         2010-2011
Elvira Masson         2009-2010
M. Ida Baca            2009-2010
Armando Torres       2009-2010
Casey O’Neill          2009-2010
Richard Phillips        2008-2009
Kristi Drexler            2008-2009
M. Louis Stanford     2007-2008
Robert Czerniak       2007-2008
L. Thomas Winfree   2006-2007
Judith Messal           2006-2007
John Wright             2005-2006
Jeffrey Longwell       2005-2006
Herman Garcia         2005-2006
Jason Ackleson        2004-2005
Margaret Malamud    2004-2005
Jeanne Gleason       2003-2004
Robert Foster           2003-2004
Greg Bloom              2003-2004
Richard Rundell        2002-2003
Hugo Vilchis-Licon     2002-2003
Beth Pollack             2001-2002
Kathryn Faurbach     2001-2002
Nadipuram Prasad    2001-2002
Steven Pasternack    2000-2001
Muddasir Khalid        2000-2001
Neil Harvey              2000-2001
Claude Fouillade      1999-2000
Ricardo Melantzon    1999-2000
Abraham Ellis           1999-2000
Warren Noland         1999-2000
Zohrab Samani         1999-2000
Mary E. Wolf            1999-2000

2017 NMSU Globalization Award Presented to Dr. Manal Hamzeh

2016 Campus Globalization Award Winners Announced

Winner Winnie Lee Wins 2015 Globalization Award

Candace Kaye receive’s 2014 award

2011-12 Globalization Awardee




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