Policy Update: Travel in Countries Subject to U.S. Travel Warnings

NMSU’s Policy 2.69.2 regarding “International Travel – in Countries Subject to U.S. Travel Warnings”, and the corresponding Approval of International Student Travel form, have been updated to reflect the current administration’s belief that while U.S. State Department travel warnings are an important indicator of travel safety, there are many other factors that can be considered when determining whether or not a foreign country is safe to visit.  It is not uncommon for travelers to be in danger in one part of a country, while safe in another.

The primary change in policy is that students are now are explicitly offered the chance to seek an exception to countries under travel warnings, such as Mexico, Colombia, etc.  The wording on the Student International Travel Authorization now says, “Absent an exception, no student may travel to countries under a travel warning.”  Previously, the “Absent an exception” condition was not present.

Aside from this change in wording, and a few minor clarifications to the NMSU Policy Manual, there have been no substantive changes made to NMSU’s Policy Manual, which already explicitly allowed faculty and staff to travel to countries under a travel warning, but which also made provisions for students to petition to travel to such countries as well.

Faculty, staff and students traveling to countries under a travel warning must still sign a “Waiver, Release and Hold Harmless Agreement”.

The NMSU community is invited to read the policy and review the travel policies and forms for themselves.  For questions please contact the Office of International and Border Programs at (575) 646-7041 or email ibp@nmsu.edu.


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