Resources for Faculty

ACE Resources

The American Council on Education’s Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement (CIGE) has some very useful resources published on the web:

CIGE Insights 

There are many good papers here.  The one on dual and joint degree programs is particularly interesting.

ACE International Partnerships: Guidelines for Colleges and Universities

Good partnership templates

ACE Internationalization Toolkit


Vietnam Education Foundation

Global Research Pathways – by The University of North Texas-International

 An excellent period review of international research opportunities




Faculty interested in Fulbright opportunities can visit IIE’s webpage (the organization that helps Fulbright manage their programs).  However, don’t hesitate to contact one of NMSU’s faculty liaisons at the following:

NMSU’s Fulbright Scholar Program contacts.

NMSU’s student Fulbright Student Program advisor.


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