2017 Globalization Award Presented to Dr. Manal Hamzeh

2017 Globalization Award nominees Eric Morgan, Andrea Orzoff, Ilana Lapid, Manal Hamzeh (winner), Gary Lowe, with Assoc. Provost Cornell H. Menking (not pictured, David Rockstraw)

NMSU’s Office of International and Border Programs is pleased to announce that on April 7 Dr. Manal Hamzeh was named the winner of the 2017 Globalization Award at a ceremony at the Nason House.  Dr. Hamzeh, associate professor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies/Women’s Studies Program, was there to receive the award.  Dr. Menking said a few words about each of the nominees and then presented the award to Dr. Hamzeh. In a nice coincidence, her long-time friends and colleagues, Playwright Jamil Khoury and Producer Malik Gillani, were there for the presentation. 

The award is complemented by a $1,000 travel credit that can be used for professional activities.

For more about NMSU’s Globalization Award visit this web page .

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