FAQ Regarding Descubre Program for Mexican Students


Recently NMSU announced a new tuition rate for citizens of Mexico. This page answers questions about that program.


How much will students from Mexico pay for tuition and fees?

  • Full-time undergraduate students from Mexico will pay $4,691 for a 15-credit semester. Graduate students from Mexico with a full 12-credit course load will pay $3,975.
  • Comparable tuition for undergraduate students from out of state is $10,617. Tuition for graduate students from out of state is $10,071.

What do New Mexico students pay?

  •  New Mexico residents pay $3,364.50 (undergraduate, 15 credits) and $3,294.00 (graduate, 12 credits).

Who is qualified to participate in the Descubre Program?

  • All Mexican citizens admitted to study in an academic program.

Why is NMSU doing this?

  • The economic interests of New Mexico and Mexico are tightly interwoven. We anticipate that a lower tuition rate for citizens of Mexico will attract more students to NMSU from Mexico, especially from the states of Chihuahua and Sonora. As students return home, they serve as ambassadors for New Mexico and NMSU, and they become drivers for economic development in their communities.  Their presence helps to ensure that economic growth in Mexico will translate into economic opportunity for New Mexico. Additionally, Texas and Arizona both provide resident tuition for citizens of Mexico.

Does this cost U.S. and/or New Mexico taxpayers?

  • No, quite the contrary.  International students such as these bring big benefits to New Mexico and the United States.  A few facts:
    • In 2015, international students contributed more than $30.5 billion to the U.S. economy, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. (Source: IIE Open Doors)
    • International students contributed $80.7 Million to the NM economy, and supported 899 jobs. 3,374 total international students enrolled in the state.  At NMSU international students contributed an estimated $29.1 Million, supporting 373 jobs. (Source: Indiana University/NAFSA.  Pdf report.)

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