Establishing International Partnerships

(Updated Nov 8, 2017)

Establishing a Partnership and Procedures for Creating New International Agreements

NMSU is always excited to hear of the various ways our faculty are working internationally.  Faculty frequently encounter opportunities to establish collaborative agreements with foreign institutions.  When this happens, consider the Office of International and Border Programs as your partner in helping set those up.  We have numerous templates to serve as starting points for virtually any situation and would be happy to help you develop the agreement.

NMSU has a set procedure to help faculty obtain approvals, develop and route international agreements.  These full guidelines and forms can be downloaded by clicking on the following PDF links:

Establishing International Agreement Procedures 

International Agreement Proposal Form

International Agreement Approvals Form (Final Routing)  

Delegation of Authority Form 


Brenda Brown in IBP is the person who helps route agreements and manage partnerships.


IBP also offers support to develop agreements.  We have many templates on hand, as well as standard agreements we use for more routine situations.  One particularly good source is the American Council on Education’s online resource for agreement templates.



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