IBP Weekly Activity Reports (All)

Below are weekly activity reports submitted to the President’s Office (updated January 2016).



January 22, 2016
  • Tecnológico Nacional de Mexico First Cohort: International and Border Programs, in collaboration with the Graduate School, welcomed the first cohort of 25 students from the Tecnológico Nacional de Mexico (TecNM).  The students, which are all studying engineering, will complete their TecNM final year at NMSU and then matriculate into NMSU engineering Masters programs.
  • International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Student Count: International Student and Scholar Services reports that as of January 25, the total number of new, enrolled students is 123 undergraduates and 31 graduates.  NMSU (all campuses) received complete applications for, and admitted, 232 international undergraduates (123 checked in), and 112 graduates (31 checked in).
  • Association of Academic Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Office of Education Abroad will host the Association of Academic Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean (AAPLAC) annual meeting on the NMSU main campus on February 16-20.  Local participation is welcome.  Visit http://www.aaplac.org/conference/  for more information.
  • Study Abroad and Exchange Students: Office of Education Abroad (OEA) welcomed 49 new in-bound exchange students, and currently has an anticipated 148 out-bound study abroad students for Spring 2016.
  • Intensive English Program Participation: The Center for English Language Programs estimates over 60 students will enroll in its normal intensive English programs for the eight week session that is just beginning.


January 8, 2016
  • Confucius Institute Hanban Conference: Cornell Menking and Elvira Masson attended the 10th Hanban conference in Shanghai, China, from December 5-7.  The conference brings together Confucius Institute members worldwide. While in China, Menking and Masson also visited Hebei Normal University in Shijiazhuang where an agreement was signed to add Hebei Normal University to our Confucius Institute as a partner institution, along with NMSU’s original partner institution Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Vocational College.  While in Shijiazhuang a board meeting for NMSU’s Confucius Institute was also held.  After the China trip, Professor Son Tran joined Menking and Masson for five days of visits to various institutions in Vietnam for the purpose of international student recruiting and exploration of partnerships.  For more information about these initiatives, visit https://ibp.nmsu.edu/nmsu-delegation-china-and-vietnam/ .
  • Faculty led Education Abroad Programs: Office of Education Abroad has arranged for 12 Faculty led programs, with five more in the pipeline, for the coming year.
  • International Student Admission: International Student and Scholar Services has admitted 332 international students to NMSU for Spring 2016 semester. A new and improved one-stop orientation will be piloted on Tuesday, January 12.
  • International Student Recruiting: Kristian Chervenock, Ashley Ryan and Elvira Masson traveled to NMSU-Alamogordo to meet with senior administrators about focused efforts to recruit greater numbers of international students to the NMSU system. The model that was discussed is a 2+2 scenario where international students spend two years at NMSU-A and two years at NMSU Main Campus.


Nov 21
  • International Education Week: NMSU celebrated International Education Week from November 16 through November 20. The week was set up with activities to showcase different events on campus demonstrating NMSU’s high degree of internationalization and diversity.  Highlights included a tabling event where nine internationally oriented groups held tables, and many students participated in other activities, including an extensive “chalk-the-walk” event. Read more about the event here.
  • Enrollment Collaboration: The General Director and ten other high-ranking officials from the Tecnológico Nacional de México (TecNM) visited NMSU on November 16-17.  The visit is part of plans to enroll 300 TecNM students in NMSU Masters programs next fall, and 1,000 by 2018. Read more about the TecNM visit here.
  • International Visitor: The Office of Education Abroad hosted Tamara Mihalap of Accademia Italiana, a prestigious fashion, art and design school in Italy. She met with Dr. Melinda Chavez and Dr. Esther Devall of CTFM about her programs, and presented in several CTFM courses. She also met with Julia Barello and Motoko Furuhashi of the Art Department to discuss metalsmithing and photography programs in Italy, and spoke with students in a metalsmithing course.
  • Staff Farewell: Mary Jaspers, Director of International Student and Scholar Services, retired at the end of October. Mary was an invaluable resource to the University and to our growing number of international students. She will be greatly missed by all. In the interim, Kristian Chervenock, Director for the Office of Education Abroad, will serve as acting Director during the search for a replacement, which will begin immediately.
  • Spring 2016 International Enrollment: International Student and Scholar Services staff are busy with Spring Semester 2016 admissions. At this time, it is anticipated that about 200 new international students will enroll at NMSU for Spring Semester with a majority of those students coming from Kuwait.
  • Website Update: International Student and Scholar Services staff revised the ISSS website to include new information for Visiting J1 Scholars. The site is a work in progress feedback from the campus community is welcome.


Nov 16, 2015 1.       Dr. Cornell Menking presented at the 23rd meeting of the Asociación Mexicana para la Educación Internacional (AMPEI) last week on the topic of “Comprehensive Internationalization: How are Latin America and The Caribbean creating their own path/future?”  Dr. Imelda Olague also presented with colleagues from Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua on “Where do social and economic development, innovation, entrepreneurship and comprehensive internationalization intersect?”

2.       Dr. Ashley Ryan attended the Millionaire Reception as Dr. Menking’s proxy to receive the Millionaire award, this is the 3rd award for Dr. Menking and is connected with the success of the Go Teacher program here at NMSU. Dr. Ryan also attended a meeting with ICT and Admissions to discuss the growing population of CELP students and what can be done to better support them; she and Kristian will be presenting a plan of action at the next ADAC meeting.

3.       In partnership with Kansas State University Dr. Ryan conducted follow-up observations of Go Teacher scholars in Ecuador. This visit was around the coastal area of Ecuador, mainly Machala, Pinas, and Guayaquil, she observed scholars from various partner institutions and NMSU. The trip was extremely successful and has facilitated a better understanding of the needs of the scholars while they are in the program for implementation of their learnings.


Oct 9 2015 Office of International and Border Programs

Activity Reports

Week Ending October 9, 2015


·         IBP received visitors from Vietnam following a visit to Vietnam by Son Tran from Computer Science.  Ms. Le Thi Nam Phuong, Chairwoman and CEO of Sky-Line Educational System, which has three high schools in Vietnam.  Accompanying her was Dr. Mai Huu Tin, Chairman and CEO of U&I Investment Corporation (UNIGROUP) in Vietnam.  Dr. Tin also serves as a member of the National Assembly of Vietnam, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Youth Foundation, Chairman of the Binkduong Business Federation, and President of the Vietnam Chapter of the Eisenhower Fellowships.  Ms. Phuong and Dr. Tin met with various members of the IBP staff, as well as members of other offices and faculty, to discuss the possibility of creating incentives for more Vietnamese students to come to NMSU.


·         CELP Fall 1 Session ended on 10/9, Fall 2 Session begins on 10/12 with 15 new students, 45 students will continue in CELP through the semester. This puts CELP enrollment at 60 independent students for Fall 2.  Faculty observations were conducted from 10/1-10/9. CELP participated in the IBP Cultural Bizarre; we talked with community members about CELP and made important community connections for our students. New CELP testing procedures have been discussed and integrated into the English placement test. We are planning a CELP “Chalk Regents Row” event for out students later in the month (details to come).


Oct 2 2015  

Office of International and Border Programs

Activity Reports

Week Ending October 2, 2015

·         Dr. Menking attended a meeting in Chihuahua, Mexico with the Legislative Finance Committee

·         Center for English Language Programs offered a workshop with CAMP tutors

  • Office of Education Abroad attended the International Institute of Education Summit in Washington D.C.
  • ISSS held its Cultural Bazaar at the Branigan Cultural Center

·         The Confucius Institute inaugurated the first Beginning Mandarin Chinese class at the Las Cruces Public School Language Academy. We have ~30 students (3rd grade through adult) enrolled, they also participated in the Rotary International Student Picnic and the International Bazaar in conjunction with ISSS/IBP. Activities around their 8th anniversary included: meeting with representatives of the NMSU Chinese Scholars and Students Association, various activities introducing Chinese language and culture presented outside Corbett Student Center, speeches and performances by CI leaders and teachers, a keynote talk by Dr. Hugh Shapiro from U Nevada at Reno and a visit to Cathedral High School in El Paso for performances and talks


Sept 28, 2015 Office of International and Border Programs

Activity Reports

September 28, 2015


Dr. Menking – International and Border Programs

·         Attended the European Association for International Education meeting in Glasgow, Scotland September 14-18. Visited partner universities National University of Ireland – Maynooth, and La Salle University – Beauvais, France.

·         Co-hosted the 12th Annual International Picnic with Rotary Club.

  • OEA hosted three workshops this week-two focused on preparing our students for applying for the Gilman Scholarship and one workshop for active military and veterans programs. OEA advisors prepared and sent email to all department heads and select administrative staff to establish relationships/contacts for incoming exchange student registration and advising issues. OEA director met with Dean Libbin to begin working on the Partnerships for Innovation and Collaboration on Study Abroad in France grant.

·         International enrollment for the Fall semester is 1288 students including 248 new students.  There are 573 graduate, 582 undergraduate, and 133 non-degree students from 89 countries.

·         The Confucius Institute hosted their annual Confucius Week celebrations, marking their 8th anniversary at NMSU. We were joined this year by the President of Shijiazhuang Science and Technological Vocational College and Chairman of the Board for the Confucius Institute at NMSU, Liu Guiyun, the Chinese Consul for Education in the Los Angeles Consulate, Dr. Yuan Dong, and Vice Consul for Education, Dr. Chen Weiheng. We hosted Dr. Hugh Shapiro (University of Nevada at Reno) who gave our inaugural talk for the Speaker Series with a fascinating look at the “performance” of madness in China as filtered through traditional Chinese opera.



Aug 29 2015 International and Border Programs

·         Pre-census international enrollment for Fall is 1270 students including 286 new students from 84 countries.  To date, this is a 28% increase in international undergraduate enrollment and a 2% decrease in graduate students.  The top countries are Kuwait, Mexico, China and India.

·         The Confucius Institute sent 30 high school students and 3 teachers from Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and El Paso to China for a 2-week language and culture summer camp experience.

·         Free Tai Qi lessons for the NMSU community began (see http://ibp.nmsu.edu/free-tai-chi-lessons-in-fall-2015/ for more info).

·         A website has been established for the upcoming CampusLink project with Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua – http://ibp.nmsu.edu/campuslink2015/



Aug 25, 2015 === revised to make it shorter ===


International and Border Programs

·         Over the summer, IBP staff worked to organize two big Mexican-related events that will happen in the fall: A trip of legislators travelling to Chihuahua City from Sept 28-Oct 2, and co- hosting an event called “CampusLink” with Univ. Autónoma de Chihuahua on October 29.   Visit http://ibp.nmsu.edu/campuslink2015/ for more info.

·         A record-breaking 402 international students received a joint orientation last week in a standing-room only event at Corbett Auditorium.  This is the largest group ever recorded at NMSU, and includes 283 degree-seeking, 55 English, and 64 exchange students.  This is up from last year’s 331 (212 degree-seeking, 60 English, and 49 exchange).

·         22 Tecnologico Nacional de Mexico students will finish summer studies conducted at NMSU on August 28.  The students were the result of new collaborations with.  CELP provided intensive English and Arrowhead provided innovation and technology transfer learning.

·         At a closing ceremony on August 11, the Center for English Language Programs presented 54 Ecuadorian English teachers with certificates of completion as part of the continuing “Go Teacher” program.  The non-credit 8-month program, which is funded by the Ecuadorian government, has graduated over 200 students in four cohorts to-date.



=== original ===


International and Border Programs

·         Over the summer, IBP staff worked to organize two big Mexican-related events that will happen in the fall:

·         A trip of legislators travelling to Chihuahua City from Sept 28-Oct 2.

·         Co-hosting an event called “CampusLink” with Univ. Autónoma de Chihuahua on October 29.   Visit http://ibp.nmsu.edu/campuslink2015/ for more info.


International Student and Scholar Services

·         402 students (283 degree-seeking, 55 English students, and 64 exchange) a joint orientation last week in a standing-room only event at Corbett Auditorium.  This is the largest group ever recorded at NMSU, up from last year’s 331 (212 degree-seeking, 60 English students, and 49 exchange).


Office of Education Abroad

·         60 exchange students from xx countries participated in multiple welcome events last week.  This is the largest group of incoming exchange students ever recorded at NMSU.

·         Over the summer, OEA worked on its plans to host the 27th Annual Conference of AAPLAC: Association of Academic Programs in Latin America & the Caribbean, February 17-20, 2016.


Center for English Language Programs

·         55 new students are enrolled in CELP’s regular 8-week intensive English program, which began last week.

·         22 Tecnologico Nacional de Mexico students will finish summer studies conducted at NMSU on Friday.  The students were the result of new collaborations with.  CELP provided intensive English and Arrowhead provided innovation and technology transfer learning.

·         In August CELP graduated 54 Ecuadorian English teachers as part of the continuing “Go Teacher” program.  The non-credit 8-month program, which is funded by the Ecuadorian government, has graduated over 200 students in four cohorts to-date.



May 18 Office of Education Abroad

·         Staff from the OEA traveled to Houston to process students’ Spanish visa applications. The Spanish Consulate of Houston allows group submissions for educational purposes. Allowing NMSU student to take this route saves students the traveling and boarding fees usually associated with such endeavors. Countries without such option see program attrition more commonly due to increased program costs.

·         The OEA hosted Chris Lawlor representing Learn International and the Maynooth University Summer School both located in Ireland. Mr Lawlor and staff from the OEA were busy meeting with faculty and department heads from Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, Marketing and Professional Golf Management, Equine Science, Geography, Journalism and Mass Communications, Kinesiology, Curriculum and Instruction and Civil Engineering. It’s anticipated that at least six faculty led programs and several departmental specific internships will be organized and run in Ireland next summer as a result of Mr. Lawlor’s visit to NMSU.

·         Staff from the OEA met with the dean of the College of Health and Social Services to discuss study abroad and internship opportunities for students in HSS. Beginning Fall Semester, OEA in collaboration with the Deans Office will host several informational sessions for students, faculty and advisors from HSS to explore opportunities for study, research, internship and service abroad. Faculty led workshops will also be developed.


Center for English Language Programs

·         A teacher appreciation event was held at O’Donnell Hall.  CELP, IBP, and Go Teachers would like to thank the following organizations for hosting Go Teachers during their Practicum in the Spring semester: NMSU Department of English, Alma D’Arte Charter High School, Mesilla Elementary, and Dona Ana Community College.

·         CELP congratulates the Academic Level students who have completed the Intensive English Program and earned a TOEFL/IELTS waiver: Essa Alawadhi, Abdulrahman Alazemi, Osamah Alkasassbeh, Mohammad Almeraished, Abeer Alsaedi, Musaed Alsane, Angelica Brito, Damaris Brito, and Tomas Martinez Baca

·         The Ecuadorian “Go Teachers” had their Intersession and did the following activities in addition to the TESL Preparation Course: La Casa Presentation, Trust Activity, and Practicum Appreciation Ceremony


Confucius Institute

·         Prof. Qiang Ren and Elvira Masson prepared and submitted bilingual reports for the upcoming North American Confucius Inst. Directors’ meeting (20 June).

·         Ren and Masson also visited the Las Cruces Academy to discuss possibilities for future collaboration. (They are the only K-5 school in Las Cruces offering Mandarin, however we do not at this time provide teachers or other services.) LCA is planning a trip to China in the summer of 2016 and would like the Confucius Institue’s help.

·         The final letter of invitation for our 33 Chinese Bridge summer campers to China this July just arrived so this week Pam Herron and Elvira Masson will meet with Cathedral HS, Alma HS, and Cottonwood Classical IB to get visa applications under way.

·         Met with Leonard Thurman about establishing a Taiji Club through the Confucius Institute.


May 11 Associate Provost, International and Border Program, Dr. Cornell Menking

·         Education Abroad Webinar: IBP sponsored a NAFSA webinar on Education Abroad Research which was attended by a few faculty from around campus as well as IBP staff.

THIS SENTENCE OMMITTED:  Menking attended the NMSU Grants campus commencement (photo).


International & Student Scholar Services (ISSS)

·         Outstanding Graduate Spring 2015 Awards Luncheon: The Outstanding Graduate Spring 2015 Awards Luncheon sponsored by the NMSU Alumni Association was held on May 8, 2015.  The International & Border Programs Outstanding Graduate Award recipient was Claudia Higuera-Medina.  Claudia has earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree and will be working at the Dona Ana County Headstart.  She completed an internship with Headstart in her final semester.   Claudia’s family moved from Mexico to Deming when she was a child and she hopes to assist and empower children, as her childhood caseworker did for her.   Mary Jaspers represented IBP at the luncheon.

Office of Education Abroad (OEA)

·         Ambassador Fundraiser: The Study Abroad Ambassadors, in partnership with the Office of Education Abroad, hosted their annual fundraiser. This year Nuit de Musique was hosted at Art Obscura, and featured student musicians. The Ambassadors raised almost $200.

·         Farewell Banquet: The Farewell Banquet for departing exchange students, hosted by Education Abroad and the Study Abroad Ambassadors, took place on Thursday night at De La Vegas. The students received completing certificates, as well as awards and raffle prizes. The students reflected on their stay with a slideshow, and an open mic session.

·         Orientation: Last weekend, the Office of Education Abroad held their largest Pre-Departure Orientation to date, with over 170 students slated to depart in the summer and fall semesters. Keynote speaker Dr. Eric Morgan started out the morning with a dialog on culture shock. The Office of Education Abroad then gave students an overview of all things international travel, as well as pertinent details on credits, transcripts and insurance.

·         Fall 2015 Exchange Students: 69 students representing 17 countries will be attending NMSU as exchange students beginning Fall semester. This is the largest cohort of exchange students ever to attend NMSU.

·         Gilman Scholarship Appointee: Clint Hourigan, a study abroad advisor with the Office of Education Abroad, was selected to serve as a Gilman Scholarship reviewer by the Institute for International Education (IIE) in Houston last week.


May 4 2015 ·         On April 28 and 29, a delegation from NMSU including Drs. Cornell H. Menking, Imelda Olague, and Iñigo Garcia-Bryce, travelled to Chihuahua City to explore collaborative opportunities for NMSU.  They were received by the congressional majority leader, Diputado Rodrigo de la Rosa, the Rector of Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Chihuahua Enrique Seáñez Sáenz, and others. More information about the visit can be found here.  While there they ran Aggie alumni, including Armando Segovia Lerma (Ph.D., ACES Agronomy, 2000), the Director General of COECYTECH.



International Student and Scholar Services & Center for English Language Programs

·         An End of the Year reception was held on April 30 at the Alumni and Visitors Center.  This event was in honor of the Spring graduating students and students completing the CELP program.  Also, individual students and student organizations who participated in the International Festival and the soccer tournament sponsored by IBP and the International Club were recognized for their support and achievements.

·         At the event, CELP student Abeer Al-Saedi received the first International and Border Programs Student Leadership Award. She was honored for volunteering at CELP, organizing the CELP and Saudi Arabian tables at the International Festival, serving as the photographer for the IBP soccer tournament, and participating in the Saudi Arabia Global Coffee Hour.

·         4 CELP Faculty and the CELP Director, Colin Large, attended the 2015 TESOL International Convention in Toronto, Ontario.

o   Instructors Jan Snyder and Tamara Anatska attended the CEA Accreditation Candidates Workshop

o   Instructor Alice Poole attended the Graduate Writing Consortium

·         CELP student Abeer Alsaedi presented on Saudi Arabia at the Global Coffee Hour – Saudi Arabia on March 31.


Confucius Institute

·         This week the institute hosted film maker Jocelyn Ford who screened her documentary “Nowhere to Call Home” both at NMSU and UTEP. The film tells the story of a Tibetan migrant in China and her struggles to provide opportunities for her young son. She has to battle Han Chinese discrimination, patriarchal traditional cultural norms of her native community, and her own “fate” to succeed. In addition to two public screenings (one each at NMSU and UTEP), Ms Ford also screened her movie for Mary Lamonica’s “News Writing” Journalism class and Cynthia Bejarano’s “Women Crossing Borders” class (both at NMSU).





April 27, 2015 ·         Menking played in the Sister Cities Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser, of which IBP sponsored a team and a hole. 0

·         The Partners in the America’s Innovation Grant came to a close last week with the departure of Universidad de La Salle’s faculty and students.  Dean Loui Reyes, Mick O’Neill, Blair Stringham and Dr. Menking participated in an emotional goodbye ceremony for the students on Tuesday, April 21stThe Albuquerque Journal did a nice front-page piece on the project.

·         NMSU hosted a visit by Hebei Normal University’s Dr. Xianlin Xue, Director of International Office (photo).  HNU is NMSU’s new Confucius Institute partner.  Over the course of the day Dr. Xue had meetings with Provost Howard, Dean Slaton, Dean Reyes, Beth Pollack, Elvira Masson , Ken Hammond, Ashley Ryan, Colin Large, and Cornell Menking.

·         Dr. and Mrs. Menking attended the very moving College Assistant Migrant Program Banquet on Wednesday.

Menking and Hebei Normal University’s Dr. Xue.


Center for English Language Programs

·         Meeting with Dr. Xue Xianlin of Hebei Normal University on Monday, April 20. We discussed areas of collaboration between the two universities, particularly in the area of language improvement.

·         UCOMM is working with me to create a marketing plan to help CELP increase visibility/awareness as well as begin to recruit new students.

·         Dr. Ryan and I are working to requisition classrooms for CELP final exams. With the number of buildings offline so high, we may need to continue to adapt our schedule in the Fall to have better access to classrooms.

·         CELP is on track to receive 15-45 students from ULS in Bogota for a short ESOL and US culture program in June/July. Students from HNU may also participate.

·         CELP will be hosting the first NM Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Roadshow Workshop on May 30th in Pete Dominici Hall. TESOL educators from the southern part of NM are invited to present and attend professional development sessions. Participants in the Go Teacher program are invited and there will be a reception on Friday, May 29th to provide them with time to meet and socialize with their NM TESOL peers.



International Student and Scholar Services

·         The final Thursday Global Meetup this semester was held on Thursday, April 23.  The informal get-together included a discussion about the future of the Meetups and ways to promote future events.

·         A Global Coffee Hour was held on Friday, April 24 highlighting a group of NMSU students who participated in an Aggies Go Global trip to India over Spring break.  The group studied city and rural water and sanitary conditions in northern India.


Aggies Go Global

·         Gary Lowe, Director of Aggies Go Global, reported that his office expects a grand total of over 100 students to have benefited from that non-credit international support program.


Office of Education Abroad

·         OEA has been busy working on the incoming exchange student DS2019s and finalizing admission to NMSU.  Incoming international students are up to 67 students coming in the Fall!   The office is working with departmental advisors around campus to ensure a smooth registration process.

·         This week begins the Aggie Welcome and Orientation for incoming Freshman and Transfer students. OEA will be participating in this event both Friday and Saturday afternoon. There are 14 of these events throughout the spring and summer that OEA will attend in order to talk to parents and new incoming students about education abroad.

·         The application deadline for all summer and fall programs is May 1st. OEA staff are busy collecting the applications and paperwork to finalize placements. All students who are studying abroad either summer or fall semesters will be participating in the Pre-Departure orientation May 2nd, from 9:00am – noon in Domenici Hall, room 109. Dr. Eric Morgan will be present to discuss culture shock and cross cultural understanding. They are looking forward to a great event.





April 20, 2015  

·         IBP hosted the President (Rector) of Universidad Católica del Norte de Chile, Msc. Eng. Jorge Tabilo Álvarez.  President Tabilo is an alumnus of NMSU, and this was his first visit back to campus after having received an engineering degree 25 years ago.  He travelled with his Provost (Vice-Rector) Dr. Rodrigo Alda.  The two of them had many productive meetings to discuss ways for the two institutions to collaborate.

·         IBP hosted a luncheon webinar to participate in the American Council on Education’s “International Joint and Dual Degrees: Strategy and Implementation”.

·         IBP participated in a conference call with Legislative Finance Committee Director, David Abbey, to advance discussions on organizing a fall 2015 trip to the state of Chihuahua for key LFC legislators.  Also involved in the project are NMDA and Arrowhead officials.

·         Menking hosted Chernoh Bah, a human rights activist from Sierra Leone, and Joshua McDermott, an NMSU government graduate student, for lunch.  Mr. Bah is here to raise awareness and understanding of the Ebola epidemic.  Coincidentally, Menking was a Peace Corps volunteer in Sierra Leone in late 1980’s.

·         Menking attended the President’s Communication Council and the University Administrative Council meetings.

·         Menking and Imelda Olague greeted participants in a grant that is working to help Mexico develop an extension model.  Visiting NMSU were a six participants from Chiihuahua studying the U.S. 4-H model.  NMSU’s College of ACES is working with the University of Arizona on the large scale project.

Office of Education Abroad

·         OEA Education Abroad scholarship were due on April 15th. OEA estimates 80 students studying abroad in the Fall with a quarter of them staying a full year. For the summer (not including faculty led) OEA also expects to see around 80 students study abroad.

·         A member of the Office of Education Abroad attended the Terra Dotta Annual User Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to learn best practices for using the software, and to preview the next iteration of the software. She met with fellow Terra Dotta clients from around the country, and made several connections with exemplary offices. We began planning to make our application process completely paperless. This will also include a new much improved paperless Travel Authorization process that will be implemented over the summer.

·         OEA admitted 10 more incoming exchange students this week, bringing our Fall total to 64 students.

·         OEA Director Kristian Chervenock is visiting multiple universities in Australia and attending a conference in Sydney. He will return on April 25th.

Center for English Language Programs

·         CELP took “Go Teacher” students to the NMSU baseball game against Grand Canyon University.

·         Go Teacher monthly check-in covered academic, health, and holiday questions. Plans were made for activities during the “Intersession” week (May 11-15) – self-defense, dancing, and others.

·         Thanks to Taos Restaurant for hosting the Taste of Ecuador on Tuesday. Two groups of students performed traditional Ecuadorian dances. They had a table outside of Taos with cultural information, décor, and music. The menu was: pork sancocho, fritada de chancho with marinated pork, corn cobettes, yapingacho potato-cheese patties, hominy, pickled red onion and fried sweet plantains, along with flan de coco and torta de hojas.

·         Dr. Ryan completed over half of the faculty observations for the spring 2 session, and has met with all faculty to discuss their goals for the upcoming evaluation period.

International Student and Scholar Services

·         Tricia Montalvo, a new admissions processor for international programs, began work this week.

·         Thursday Global Meetup: This week TGM participated in the Resident Hall Associations’ Diversity Fair in Corbett Center. The table had an activity to get people thinking about what it means to be “international” and have “diversity.” There was an estimated 50 visitors to the table. Currently there is a contest to encourage students to participate in diversity related events happening around campus. Winners of the photo contest will receive NMSU Bookstore gifts.

·         Joshua R. Vanderhoof, International Admissions Advisor, was selected to be a participant in the Diversity Impact Program at the NAFSA 2015 Conference in Boston this May.  Vanderhoof will receive a scholarship to cover membership and registration at the annual conference. He will also receive a personal mentor, and will participate in special programming designed to help support efforts to boost diversity in international education.

·         The April 17 Global Coffee Hour featured the current Go Teacher cohort from Ecuador.  It was standing room only for a pleasant hour that included a slide show, fashion show and a discussion of who has better coffee, Ecuador or Colombia.    The final Spring semester Global Coffee Hour featuring India is on Friday, April 24 in the Garcia Annex Faculty Senate.

·         Saturday April 25th the International Club held a Talent Show on the Downtown Mall during the Farmers’ Market.  There were 10 acts representing China, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal, and Saudi Arabia participated in the 10 acts and a fashion show.  This was a fundraising event for the International Club to support their activities (photo).



International students at the International Club Fashion Show



Ecuadorians at NMSU Baseball Game


Indonesians Participate in International Club Fashion Show

April 13, 2015  

Four students and two faculty from Universidad de La Salle’s “Proyecto Utopia”, a program designed to help youth negatively affected by the conflicts in Colombia arrived on campus for their two-week portion of the reciprocal Partners in the Americas Innovation Grant program.  More about this program here: http://ibp.nmsu.edu/files/2014/12/PES-Newsletter-Colombia-Trip-MKON.pdf


Despite the weather on Sunday, NMSU’s annual international soccer tournament and picnic was held.  Following three days of elimination rounds the final game was “The Dream Team”, comprised of students from Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, versus the “Go Teacher” team from Ecuador.  The Ecuadorians gave a good fight, but lost to the Dream Team 3-0 in the final game.


Dream Team, Team Go Teacher, and spectators at the annual IBP International Soccer tournament


Last week IBP held the 2014-15 NMSU Globalization Award ceremony in the foyer of the Domenici Atrium.  Provost Howard read a short bio on each participant, and in the end awarded Dr. Winnie Lee.  Full information on all nominees is available here: http://ibp.nmsu.edu/2015-globalization-award-announced/


                Nominees for the 2015 NMSU Globalization Award

•       (Winner – see photo) Dr. Yu-Feng “Winnie” Lee – Associate Professor International Business, College of Business

•       Dr. Christopher P. Brown, Associate Professor and Department Head, Geography

•       Dr. Sonya Cooper – Associate Dean, College of Engineering

•       Dr. Sandra Deshors – Assistant Professor Linguistics, College of Arts and Sciences

•       Dr. Nancy Flores – Food Technology Specialist, College of Agriculture, Consumer & Environmental Sciences

•       Dr. Juan Garcia – Vice President for Student Services, NMSU-A

•       Mr. Jose Gonzales-Gonzales – Associate Professor Spanish, NMSU-A

•       Ms. Ilana Lapid – Assistant Professor Creative Media Institute, College of Arts & Sciences

•       Dr. Jill McDonald – Professor Public Health Sciences, College of Health & Social Services

•       Dr. Brook Milligan – Professor Biology, College of Arts & Sciences

•       Dr. Michael K. (Mick) O’Neill – Professor, Agricultural Science Center

•       Dr. Brenda Seevers – Distinguished Professor, College of Agriculture, Consumer & Environmental Sciences

•       Dr. Kenny Stevens – Professor, College of Engineering



                College of Arts And Sciences Globalization Award – Presented by Christa Slaton, Dean

·         Rani Alexander, Anthropology

·         Jeff Longwell, Language and Linguistics


                College of Education Globalization Award – Presented by Bob Wood for Dean Michael Morehead

·         Candace Kaye, Curriculum & Instruction

·         Frank “Paco” Gilpin, Kinesiology and Dance

·         Marlene Salas-Provance, Special Education and Communication Disorders


                Office of the Vice President for Research Globalization Award – Presented by Vimal Chaitanya, Vice President for Research

·         Ross Staffeld, Mathematical Sciences

·         James McAteer, Astronomy


Winnie Lee accepts 2014-15 Globalization Award


IBP held its spring Advisory Council meeting in the Goddard Tower room.  Updates for all IBP areas were given and a discussion of international student recruiting took place.  Advisory Council information is available here: http://ibp.nmsu.edu/internationalization/


The Confucius Institute participated in the DACC Cultural Diversity Day at their East Mesa campus. CI teacher Tina Yang performed traditional Chinese dance.”




April 6, 2015  

·         The International Festival on March 21 generated some good media coverage in the Sun News and Bulletin.  A debriefing was held with committee members and plans are already underway for the 2016 festival.

·         Menking returned from attending the Asia-Pacific Association of International Education conference in Beijing.  In addition to attending many sessions, he met with existing partners (China Agriculture University, Hebei Normal University-China, LaSalle Beauvais-France, Yonsei University-Korea) and explored future relationships with new ones.

·         IBP hosted Alfonso Galindo, Vice President and General Director of PROFMEX in Mexico, to discuss degree completion programs with Mexican institutions in the states of Hidalgo and Puebla.  Dean Reyes participated in the discussions.

·         Menking addressed a delegation of 17 faculty and students from Instituto Tecnologico de Durango (ITD), Durango, Mexico.  The group was hosted by Dr. Nancy Flores of the Departments of Family Consumer Science (Food Science and Technology) and the Dr. Delia Valles from the College of Engineering.  A farewell banquet was held at Andele’s on Friday evening.  Many of the students expressed an intention to return to NMSU for degrees.

·         Held a debriefing meeting to discuss next year’s International Festival.  The organizing committee includes Hale Huber, Suntech; Shelly Martin, Sunspot Energy; Tim Chappell, DACC; Mona Menking; staff from IBP (Menking, Jaspers, Vanderhoof).

·         IBP hosted a luncheon at the Stan Fulton restaurant for Sulthon Sabaruddin, Fulbright Scholar, Dept. of Economics, Pomona College, CA, who was on campus to give lectures at CLABS regarding Indonesia-Latin America relations.  In attendance were Cornell Menking, Inigo Garcia-Bryce, Rick Adkisson and Dr. Sabaruddin.

·         Menking spoke to Dr. Chris Brown’s Latin American Geography class on the topic of conflict, class and race in Ecuador and Colombia.

International Student and Scholar Services

·         The March 31st Global Coffee Hour highlighted Saudi Arabia. Saudi students put together an all-encompassing presentation about their culture, history, education, and provided samples of Saudi Arabian coffee and sweets. There was a turnout of about 25 faculty, staff, and students.

·         The second annual Soccer Tournament and Community Potluck Picnic sponsored by International & Border Programs will be at 2 pm on April 12, 2015 in the Intramural soccer fields. There are five teams playing a double elimination tournament. Email jrex@nmsu.edu for more info.


Confucius Institute

·         The CI was officially informed that in addition to its current partner university of Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Vocational College, NMSU is also partnered with the prestigious Hebei Normal University.

·         The CI was an important participant in the International Festival.  CI teacher Tina Yang danced traditional Chinese dances and choreographed the Chinese Student and Scholar Association’s more modern, toe-tapping pieces, and hosted a table. There was very good input from community members that led to plans for a couple of possible community-based courses next fall.

·         All-day professional development sessions were held on April 4th to assess the year, talk over teaching strategies and plan for next year.

·         CI teacher Peng Ying will accompany her UTEP student, Sam Green, to Tucson, AZ where he will be competing in the Chinese Bridge Chinese Language Competition – the CI’s first university-level student to so do.

·         Nearly 60 people are registered to take upcoming Chinese assessment tests (HSK).   The CI has several students who are taking upper level exams in the hopes of winning Hanban scholarships to China (as NMSU students Christopher Hornung and Tom Burnham are currently doing).

·         Planning and site visits are underway for a visit by Jocelyn Ford, Director of the documentary “No Where to Call Home“.  The free showing will be on April 28 at 6 pm in Domenici 109.


Office of Education Abroad

·         This week, the Office of Education Abroad (OEA) accepted 45 exchange students for the Fall 2015 semester and 23 students for Spring 2016 semester – with more expected before the application deadline.

·         Kristian Chervenock, Director of OEA, and Imelda Olague with International and Border Programs attended the “Very Interested in Puebla” (VIP) program March 18-22 in Puebla, Mexico.  The event is an initiative of seven of Puebla’s best higher education institutions, as well as Puebla City and State governments, with the support of the US Embassy in Mexico.  More than 30 administrators representing more than 20 universities in the U.S. participated and met key administrators from Pueblan institutions, and learned about new summer programs.

·         Representatives from the OEA attended the Forum on Education Abroad annual conference in New Orleans, LA, March 25-27th. In addition to attending sessions focused on best practices in education abroad, OEA staff met with many study abroad partners to discuss ways to enhance international mobility offerings at NMSU.

·         Dr. Peter Martin, Department Head for Civil Engineering returned from three study abroad site visits in Spain and Cyprus; Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid, Universidad Polytecnica de Valencia in Valencia and the University of Nicosia on the island of Cyprus. Dr. Martin is working to establish a Study Abroad Pathway for Civil Engineering students and faculty for semester, academic year and summer faculty-led programs. Dr. Martin gave glowing reports of each partner institution and was most impressed with the curricular offerings at the University of Nicosia. Both Martin and Chervenock expect strong student and faculty engagement during AY 2015/2016.

·         The OEA met with the Directors of Black Programs and Military and Veterans Programs to discuss stronger collaborations in promoting study abroad opportunities to diverse student audiences. It was agreed that OEA would provide each of these programs with $5,000 in scholarship monies to support qualified students that wish to participate in study, service, research or internships abroad. Similar meetings with Chicano Programs, the Student Gender Resource Center (SGDRC) and American Indian Programs will be forthcoming.

·         Amy Lanasa from NMSU’s Creative Media Institute along with staff from OEA will be traveling to Brisbane Australia later this month to conduct a site visit and participate in a series of meetings at Queensland University of Technology with a focus on establishing a bilateral exchange agreement and a Study Abroad Pathway program for Creative Media Institute students. Lanasa and Chervenock (Director for the Office of Education Abroad) will also participate in meetings and presentations associated with U. Newcastle’s annual study abroad fair.






IBP hosted the Las Cruces-NMSU International Festival on Saturday, March 21 at the Las Cruces Convention Center.  Over xxxxx people were in attendance, 16 different student groups represented their individual countries, and 20 community organizations were represented.  This is the second year in a row that IBP has worked to make this not just an NMSU event, but a festival done in collaboration with the community.


The second annual IBP Soccer Tournament will be held April 7, 9 and 12 (10-4 pm final playoffs and picnic).  After last year’s successful event, this year’s promises to be even more exciting.  Come out and watch, or form a team and compete!  Contact IBP for more details.


Dr. Albert Wu, Associate Dean of International Programs at National Central University of Taiwan, one of the top 5 universities in Taiwan, visited NMSU.  Dr. Winnie Lee helped facilitate the visit and Dr. Wu met with representatives from CELP, Business, Engineering and IBP.  An MOU is in the pipeline and a number of collaborative programs look imminent.


Dr. Menking participated in various interdepartmental activities, including the College of Education’s hosting of visitors from Mongolian State University of Education, and the J. Paul Taylor Symposium (of which IBP was a major sponsor).


Dr. Menking spoke to the “Missing 43” (43 male students from the Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers’ College of Ayotzinapa that went missing in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico) gathering outside of Corbett Center and read the statement by President Carruthers.  In a follow-up private meeting between the Provost and the parents of two of the missing students, it was agreed that a sign will be hung to help the NMSU community to remember the parents’ visit.


Provost Howard meetings with parents of two of the “Missing 43”.


Office of Education Abroad


OEA hosted numerous visitors from around the world. On Tuesday, we welcomed the GoAbroad Van, which advertises programs and scholarships. They were joined by STA travel, which offers discounts and benefits to student travelers. We also hosted longtime partner and collaborator Megan Fulmer from ISA.


OEA sent one staff member to complete WordPress for Administrators training. This I part of our initiative to update and improve our website. The staff member learned how to build websites using NMSU Enterprise WordPress, and how to maintain the website once built.


Kristian Chervenock and Imelda Olague, Director of OEA, traveled to Puebla, Mexico to meet with numerous schools in the region, in an effort to reinvigorate our ties to Mexico, and to focus on the Border aspect of International and Border Programs.


OEA, in collaboration with the Department of Finance and Athena Abroad, an affiliated study abroad provider program, hosted an information session for the NMSU Finance in Greece program.  For the first time at NMSU, faculty from the College of Business will be teaching FIN 341 and FIN 360 on stunning Paros Island, Greece! Participating students will also have the chance to take Cylcadic Art and Culture an intense, fun-filled two week encounter with Paros and selected neighboring islands that unlocks the secret authenticity of Cycladic rural life. Journey along infrequently traveled Byzantine trails to remote villages and mountain farms, as well as ancient caves and marble quarries, historic monasteries and ruins.


OEA met with Cathilia Flores of the RISE program to discuss a cross-campus initiative to increase awareness of international research opportunities available for NMSU undergraduate and graduate students. Plans are in the works to organize a collaborative event to raise awareness of these opportunities early in Fall semester with representation from each college, the Graduate School, Honors College, International and Border Programs, the RISE program, NM AMP, and the VP for Research Office.


International Student and Scholar Services


An OPT employment authorization workshop was held this week for students who want to apply to work in the U.S. upon completion of their academic program.


ISSS has begun processing I-20s for Summer and Fall newly admitted students.  Admission packets are mailed to the students and include admission documents, the I-20 and pre-arrival instructions.


The International Club’s recent activities include a Bowling Night, Ice Skating Trip to El Paso and participation in the ASNMSU Big Event.

The Thursday Global Meet Up event continues (every Thursday 1130-130 in the Garcia Annex Faculty Senate Chambers).


Center for English Language Programs


CELP’s application for eligibility for CEA accreditation was accepted. Jan Snyder and Tamara Anatska will attend an Accreditation Workshop at the TESOL International Convention to prepare us for creating our self-study plan.


Met with the Mongolian National University of Education delegation to plan for ways CELP can provide guidance and service as part of any agreement between MNUE and NMSU


Met with the Associate Dean of the Office of International Affairs at National Central University in Taiwan. Topics of discussion were special Intensive English programs, services for Taiwanese exchange students, and Teaching for Discovery.

3/9/15 Office of International and Border Programs            

·         Cornell Menking and Imelda Olaque attended the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) 11th International Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico.

·         Dr. Menking recently gave two interviews.  One to Hispanic Outlook magazine for a feature piece on the “Go Yachay” project that trained 14 Ecuadorians in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, and the other a feature piece by the Sun News on the reconstituted Las Cruces International Festival.  The Sun News piece is scheduled to be in the March 20 edition, the day before the event itself on March 21.

·         The March 21 International Festival preparations are nearly final.  This year’s event is the first truly be co-organized with community members.  More info here: http://ibp.nmsu.edu/2015-las-cruces-international-festival/

·         A representative from Terra Dotta, a software company specializing in addressing the data management needs of international higher education offices, met with a large group of IBP staff as well as NMSU staff involved in ICT, Banner and institutional analysis.  IBP is working to consolidate all of its data management using this provider, which will result in highly more efficient and accurate data management.


Center for English Language Programs

·         In a major milestone, CELP submitted its Application for Eligibility to the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA).  Over the past two years CELP has completely redesigned its curriculum and added numerous staff and faculty.  If accredited, NMSU will be the only intensive ESL program in New Mexico.

·         Spring Session 1 ended on Friday, March 6th. All students completed final exams.

·         “Go Teacher” scholars had their March team building seminar with Guadalupe.

·         On March 28 the 54 “Go Teacher” participants visited Mesilla, and on March 8 they attended “Cowboy Days” at the NM Farm and Ranch Museum.


International Student and Scholar Services

·         The first and second “Thursday Global Meet-Ups” were held in the Faculty Senate Chambers in Garcia Annex.  Every Thursday at 11:30-1:30 a brown bag event will be held to offer international and domestic students a chance to interact, have fun, and make friends.


Office of Education Abroad

·         The Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship supports underrepresented Pell eligible students in education abroad. As an HSI, NMSU takes advantage of this award and this spring boasts 8 recipients (15 applicants, >50% success rate) garnering $32,500 in funds. OEA just completed applications for the Summer, Fall and AY 2015. Thanks to workshops, the utilization of returning Gilman scholars, and outreach efforts, 36 students are in this session’s Gilman scholarship pool, more than any other previous group. OEA will also be matching ASNMSU funds designated to assist students with studying abroad with those of the Department of State and the Institute of International Education.

·         The Office of Education Abroad met this week with Clayton Harrington, Director of University Relations for International Student Exchange Programs, or ISEP, to discuss ways to innovate and expand our partnership, which has existed for over 30 years.

·         On March 5 representatives from OEA attended the Study In Mexico (Si Mexico) Fair at UTEP to meet with more than a dozen universities from Mexico that are interested in more actively engaging with US universities.  The event is part of a national initiative to attract Americans back to Mexico.  It was hosted by UTEP in collaboration with the Consul General of Mexico in El Paso and the Consul General of the United States in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.


The Confucius Institute

·         The Confucius Institute hosted its first CI Chinese Language at NMSU New Year celebration at Domenici Hall on February 26.  The event was open to public and attended by over 100 people.

·         The NMSU Chinese Students and Scholars Chinese hosted its own New Year celebration at Atkinson Hall on February 28.

·         The institute’s Co-Director, staff and teachers volunteered to help with interpretation for two events last week.  They translated for for Mandarin-speaking parents and students at parent-teacher meetings at University Hills Elementary School, and also for a NM Department of Ag – sponsored  Chinese delegation at the Western Pecan Growers Association annual meeting at Hotel Encanto (also toured pecan orchards, dined, etc.).

·         CI staff met with the new Asian Studies Director at UTEP, Pratyusha Basu, to discuss and explain our satellite relationship with the CI at NMSU and its Chinese language program in El Paso.



Caption:  Children from the Las Cruces Academy participate in Chinese New Year celebrations.

2/23/15 ·         On behalf of IBP, Dr. Menking presented David Klement and the NMSU Choir with a check for $500 at a fundraiser held at the Fountain Theater.  The choir is working to raise money to tour Germany and the Czech Republic.  Another fundraising performance will be held on 730 pm on March 12 at Atkinson Recital Hall.  Call (575) 646-1420 for tickets.

·         Engineers from the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez visited with representatives from NMSU’s College of Engineering.  Collaborative research and training programs are being developed.

Office of Education Abroad

  • The Office of Education Abroad, in strong collaboration with the Departments of Finance and International Business, has added two new Faculty-Led International Programs (FLiPs) for June and July; Dr. Ken Martin and Dr. Hari Sankaran will be teaching FIN 341 and FIN 360 on Paros Island, Greece. Dr. Winnie Lee will be teaching International Business 351 at Maynooth University just outside of Dublin. It is projected that upwards to 20 NMSU students will join Drs. Martin, Sankaran and Lee on these innovative and exciting courses.

Center for English Language Programs

·         Colin Large, Director of CELP, was elected Vice President of the New Mexico Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (NM TESOL) Association. He will represent the association at the 2015 International TESOL Conference in Toronto, Canada in March.

·         Dr. Ashley Ryan attended the Association for Teacher Educator annual national/international conference in Phoenix Arizona from 2/13-2/16. The focus of the conference was on Advocating for the Silenced: The Teacher’s Vocation.




International Student and Scholar Services

·         Thursday, February 19, 2015 was the first meeting of the new weekly event, the Thursday Global Meetup.  From now on, every single Thursday of regular semesters this new event will be open to all community members and its purpose is to provide opportunities for interaction between international and local students.  The events are held from 11:30 to 1:30 pm in the Faculty Senate Chambers in Garcia Annex.

·         IBP will also be resuming its “Global Coffee Hour” series and have scheduled the following presentations:

o    February 27, 2015 – Vietnam (4-5 pm in Garcia Annex Faculty Senate Chambers).

o    March 31, 2015 – Saudi Arabia

o    April 17, 2015 – Ecuador.



2/13/15 Confucius Institute

·         The CI will sponsor film-maker Adam Smith to present “Land of Many Palaces”, a film about Chinese ghost cities on Feb. 19 (7:30, O’Donnell, Rm. 111).

·         Cathedral HS had its Chinese Language Honors Society induction ceremony 13 Feb – becoming part of the Chinese Language Teachers’ Assoc. national organization.

·         The CI has been assisting LCPS with translation of important documents into Mandarin Chinese for students and parents.

·         Exciting plans have been made for Chinese New Year celebrations (Feb. 19 and 26 and 27 – at all sites).


Center for English Language Programs

·         Go Teacher participants from Ecuador have begun doing observations at DACC (ESL), NMSU (SPCD 111G), Alma D’ Arte, and Mesilla Elem. School.

·         Meetings were held with a delegation visiting from the Tecnologico de Monterrey’s Chihuahua campus to discuss collaborative programs and contracts.

Caption:  CELP and IBP staff with delegation from Tec de Monterrey’s Escuela de Idiomas e Internacionalization.


International Student and Scholar Services

·         We are introducing the “Thursday Global Meetup” – a new weekly event co-sponsored by ISSS, OEA and CELP to bring international and domestic students together to make friends, practice English, and generally feel at home and welcome on our campus.  Light refreshments will be served and students are also welcome to bring lunch.  There will be guest speakers, presentations and contests designed to boost morale for our international students.  Location is Garcia Annex Faculty Senate Chambers from 11:30 am-1:30 pm every Thursday throughout the semester.

·         There are also three Global Coffee Hours scheduled for Spring 2015.  On February 27th we will showcase Vietnam, followed by Saudi Arabia on March 31 (tentative), and Ecuador on April 17.   Location for February and April events is Garcia Annex Faculty Senate Chambers.  March is TBA.

·         Final Spring semester international enrollment is a total of 1194 students.  This includes 567 graduate students, 515 undergraduates and 112 non-degree students from 85 countries.  There are 1115 international students studying on the Main Campus, 42 at DACC, and 37 at the Alamogordo Branch.

·         On February 4, 2015, 150 degree-seeking, exchange, and CELP students came to a beginning-of-the-semester lunch hosted by ISSS.


Office of Education Abroad

·         Four FLiP (faculty led international programs) are going out this May: Speech Pathology to Peru, History to Mexico, Animal Science to Mexico and HRTM to Italy.  With safeguards in place to ensure all programmatic details are addressed before FLiP programs depart, OEA staff have been conducting pre-departure and website orientations for each group.  The History course to Mexico City is an NMSU-Alamogordo course—the first of its kind from one of our community colleges. Hats off to President Cheri Jimeno, VP for Student Succcess, Dr. Juan Garcia, and Professor Jose Gonzalez for all their efforts in ensuring this program came to fruition.

·         OEA continues discussions with three other faculty members interested in counducting the following: Theater in France/Italy, Film in Hungary and French in France for summer 2016. We are pleased, that despite losing both Faculty-led Coordinators, to see our FLiP program continuing to grow.

·         Greeks Go Global is a new initiative that will encourage fraternity and sorority members to go abroad to learn Spanish and volunteer. OEA hopes to make this an annual event/competition to support Greek Life.

·         A new winter break program to either Peru or Ecuador will be added for native Spanish speakers who will earn both Spanish and Internship credit during a short two week program. We are hoping to include community members with this program to help provide scholarships and community interaction with our students. Community members can be at any level of Spanish and will have the opportunity to volunteer while abroad.

·         OEA presented to the ASNMSU Student Fee Review Board to request a continuation of funding from ASNMSU ($2 per student per semester) to support, through scholarships, NMSU students going abroad. Two students, Ms. Ember Krech and Ms. Robyn Howzell joined Director Kristian Chervenock during the presentation and recounted stories of their transformative experiences while abroad.

Feb 9 2015  


Our legislative lobby event for Senate Bill 64 (“UNM & NMSU Student Global Competitiveness”) that took place on February 3rd and 4th in Santa Fe was a big success with delegations from NMSU, UNM, Western, NMSU Carlsbad and NMMI in attendance. Dr. Cornell Menking and Dr. Mary Anne Saunders of UNM presented on behalf of Senate Bill 64 to the Senate Education Committee.  Two NMSU students also joined the lobbying effort.


While in Santa Fe, Dr. Menking and the NMSU delegation presented Mary Kay Papen, President pro tempore of the NM Senate, with a framed banner of the Aggie fight song.


In collaboration with the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, the Office of Education Abroad organized an information session to raise awareness of the Baku Summer Energy School Program. The event was well attended and a number of students indicated that they will be signing for the two-week certificate program in Baku, Azerbaijan.


The Office of Education Abroad completed surveys for Generation Study Abroad that reaffirmed NMSU’s commitment to send 600 students a year abroad by 2019.



Feb 2 2015  


·         A delegation visited Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez on Friday, January 30.  UACJ’s Dean of Engineering sponsored a luncheon and many department heads were present to participate in department-specific working groups.  Joining the group was Dr. Menking, Dr. Peter Martin, Dr. Dave Thompson,  Dr. Ian Leslie, Dr. Delia Valles, Dr. Imelda Olague, and Jaime Ramirez Angulo.  More info here: http://ibp.nmsu.edu/delegation-visits-juarez-university/


Caption: NMSU Delegation Poses with Colleagues from Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez


Confucius Institute

·         The CI is working on scheduling 3 levels of Chinese language instruction on NMSU’s main campus, 2 levels off site at Cottonwood Preparatory Academy, ABQ, and 4 levels at UTEP.  Other activities include planning for Chinese New Year celebrations, follow-up after last week’s professional development day, and planning two exciting film screenings in the spring.


Caption: Participants in the Confucius Institute’s January 17th. In-service training.  Pictured:  (front) Yang Tingting, Cui Xiangrui (back) Liu Yanfang, Wang Xuemei, Liu Dongmei, Michael Woznicki (Dean of Students, Cathedral High School, El Paso), Yuan Siyang, Peng Ying, and Wang Haiying.”



Office of Education Abroad (OEA)

·         OEA, in collaboration with the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering (CHME), are busy promoting the Baku Summer Energy School program to interested CHME graduate students. The program offers students a complete two-week certificate program through the Caspian Center for Energy and Environment (CCEE) in association with ADA University and the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR). World-renowned scholars, academicians and policy makers teach in the program to examine and gain a better understanding of global energy and environment issues and their practical application.


·         Last week OEA hosted its bi-annual Study Abroad Fairs at DACC and Main Campus. The fairs were incredibly successful, with almost 30 vendors attending from across the globe. Over one hundred students signed up to begin their study abroad experiences over the course of both fairs.


·         OEA has added three new programs to its portfolio of study abroad offerings: Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, Spain; John Cabott University, Rome, Italy; and Global Semesters: Athens, Greece; Barcelona, Spain; Beijing, China; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Florence, Itlay; Hyderabad, India; London, England; Nicosia, Cyprus; Paris, France and Shanghai, China.


·        Representatives from NMSU’S International and Border Programs and OEA will join their peers from across the state in Santa Fe on February 3rd and 4th to raise awareness and garner support for Senate Bill 64 that requests $500,000 to support international study, internship, service and research to qualified students from New Mexico’s 28 public 2-year, 4-year and tribal colleges.


International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

·         ISSS reported over 200 students participated in New International Student Orientation on January 12, 2015.  Attendees included degree-seeking students as well as students from the Center for English Language Programs and exchange programs.

·         Current Spring enrollment data will be available next week after census.  As of 1/26/15 the total Spring international student enrollment is 1176 students representing 81 countries.  This includes 554 graduate students, 512 undergraduates, and 110 non-degrees.  There are 104 new degree-seeking students this semester.


Center for English Language Programs (CELP)

·         NMSU has received its 4th cohort of Ecuadorian “Go Teachers”.  The Go Teacher program is an initiative of the Ecuadorian government that aims to increase the country’s English speaking capacity (more information at http://celp.nmsu.edu/special-programs/gt/).  This year’s cohort consists of 54 students.

·         On Jan 22 and 23 Dr. Socorro Herrera, nationally recognized expert on bilingual and multicultural education, gave a workshop for CELP faculty teaching in the Go Teacher program.  Dr. Herrera is a Professor of Education at Kansas State University, and Executive Director of the Center for Intercultural and Multilingual Advocacy.



Jan 20 2015 President Carruthers signed an agreement with Association of the Friends of Azerbaijan on January 9, 2015.  The agreement creates six elite scholarships for students to participate in a summer school symposium in Azerbaijan this summer.  More information available here: http://ibp.nmsu.edu/nmsu-signs-affiliation-agreement-with-azerbaijan-organization/


See attached photo – Caption for photo: President Carruthers, Senator Papen, AFAZ President Kemal Oksuz signing the agreement.


Some preliminary start-of-the-semester numbers are available:


Center for English Language Programs

CELP has approximately 100 new students enrolling this Spring.  73 are new and 27 are continuing students.  Countries represented include Ecuador, Mexico, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Libya, China, Argentina.


Office of Education Abroad

127 students will study abroad this Spring Semester (including Fall/Spring Academic Year, Winter Break, Spring Break, and short May programs).  Some details about this group:

·         56 female, 47 male

·         22 Fall/Spring Academic; 22 Winter Break; 59 Spring

·         61 students on established, bilateral exchange agreements (including consortiums)

·         38 are Hispanic

·         24 FLiP’s (Faculty Led International Programs) – 8 Spring Break, 16 May


International Student and Scholar Service

The ISSS Office reports exact numbers are not yet available, but approximately 100 new degree-seeking students have been registered.  For the second semester, orientation was combined with other IBP units to increase effectiveness and reduce duplication of efforts.  Highlights of the first week include a presentation by Deputy Provost Greg Fant regarding academic honesty, a visit by Sodexo team, led by Shelly Duran.


12/15/14 Don’t miss the attached photo.  Caption:  Daren Bloomquist celebrates the conclusion of the Ecuadorian “Go Yachay” program with the participants.
·         On December 9 IBP’s Center for English Language Programs and ACES’ Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, celebrated the conclusion of the “Go Yachay” joint project.  The event was held at the Farm and Ranch Museum and was followed by a buffet dinner.  A special visitor from Ecuador, Juan Carlos Moreno, Advisor to the General Manage of Yachay Public Company, addressed the 14 participants and their families in a live stream to the participants’ families back in Ecuador.  NMSU’s IT Department helped arrange the uplink.  Provost Daniel J. Howard, Mr. Moreno, Daren Bloomquist, and Cornell H. Menking participated in the presentation of the certificates reflecting their six months of intensive English and two months of hospitality and tourism training.  Their program included shadow training at seven area hotels and restaurants and the audience included representatives of those businesses, as well as friends the participants had made in the community.  For more about the Go Yachay program visit this link.·         On Tuesday Juan Carlos Moreno from Ecuador met with multiple deans as well as made a special greeting to the Academic Deans.·         Dean Loui Reyes, Dr. Menking and Kristian Chervenock met with Prof. Winnie Lee to help prepare her to represent NMSU at two universities in Taiwan over the winter holiday. 
12/6/14 ·   Cornell Menking met with Noreen Lehmann, Werner Lehmann and Hale Huber, members of the Las Cruces Sister Cities organization.  A very productive outcome was that these individuals will play an important part in helping IBP organize this year’s International Festival on March 21 at the Las Cruces Convention Center.  IBP is working to make the festival a major community event.

·   In partial fulfillment of agreements in the Partners in the Americas project between the University of La Salle and NMSU, a team from Plant and Environmental Sciences went to Colombia for two weeks of classes and cultural exchange programs at La Salle’s campuses in Yopal and Bogotá. The team, led by Mick O’Neill, included irrigation scientists Blair Stringam and Dan Smeal, as well as grad student James Fulton, and undergrad students Jimmy Maynes, Sativa Cruz, and Megan Stovall. The NMSU team participated in classes covering Colombian culture and agriculture and visited crop production fields managed/cultivated by students in the Utopia project at the Yopal Campus. The 200+ Utopia project students at Yopal are selected through a highly competitive process (only about 1 in 100 applicants are selected) from resource-poor families throughout the country who have been significantly traumatized by the 20-30 years of drug wars. NMSU faculty taught classes about New Mexico agriculture, irrigation, water harvesting, meteorological data acquisition, and climate-based irrigation scheduling. In April 2015, a similar size group from La Salle will visit NMSU. A final wrap-up of the two-week exchange was given to the La Salle President, Brother Carlos Gómez, International Affairs Office staff, and representatives of the US Embassy and the Partners in the Americas project. Sufficient enthusiasm was demonstrated by the USAID and Partners representatives to warrant development of a larger project proposal.


Nov 21 It was a busy week as IBP helped NMSU observe International Education Week for the third year in a row. Activities this year included:


·         Information tables on Peace Corps, study abroad, the Center for Latin American and Border Studies.

·         Dr. Menking gave his annual State of internationalization presentation (PowerPoint available http://ibp.nmsu.edu/2014-annual-state-of-internationalization-presentation/ ).

·         Dr. Phil Lewis premiered his film, Painting My Miracle: The story and conservation of the NMSU Retablo collection.

·         The Confucius Institute, in collaboration with Taos and Sodexo, hosted Taste of China Day. Chinese food was complemented with a dance by a dance by Ting Ting, a Confucius Institute teacher working at Vado Elementary School.

·         The Center for Latin American border studies hosted Dr. Tamara Falicov, an Assoc Professor from the University of Kansas, who presented at two events:  The showing of “Maestra”, a film about the eradication of a literacy in Cuba, and a talk about how international film festivals shape and circulate Latin American cinema.

·         The US State Department presented on careers in the foreign and civil service, Iliana look Peed presented as part of her global connection series documentary filmmaking in 1 million village in Belize.

·         Dr Festus Addo-Yobo of black programs collaborated with IBP to bring the week’s featured speaker, Dr. Alphine Jefferson, professor of history and director of black studies at Randolph Macon College. He presented on Diversity in Leadership: global education’s role in preparing the next generation.


During the week Menking, Dr. Imelda Olague from Engineering, met with the region’s Diplomat in Residence from the US State Department, Ms. Anne Callaghan, and Ms. Jennifer Archibeque, Customer Service Manager at the Bureau of Consular Affairs in El Paso, TX.  Over lunch they discussed ways to strengthen international internship and career options at NMSU.  Another outcome was a commitment by IBP to open a passport office in Garcia Annex. The general public will then be able to come on campus and apply for passports.


This week NMSU also hosted visitors from the Hebei Bureau of Science and Technology in China. They came on an investigative visit that complements continued efforts to develop deeper ties between institutions in Hebei Province and NMSU.  Provost Howard, Dean Lowell Catlett, Associate Deans Jim Libbin and Dave Thompson, Steve Loring, Confucius Institute Co-Directors Elvira Masson and Qiang Ren, and Dr. Jinfa Zhang all met with the visitors, which included Mr. Wang, Director of International Cooperation Division of Hebei Bureau of Science & Technology, as well as other important administrators and researchers interested in collaborating in agricultural sciences.


On November 20 Dr. Menking received a Research Achievement Award at the Millionaire Researchers event hosted by the Office of the Vice President for Research.  The award recognizes IBP’s success in bringing external funding in excess of $1 million to the university.




Nov 14, 2014 It was a quiet week in IBP, except for lots of proposal writing and a visit from Chris Lawlor to promote summer study programs at one of NMSU’s new partner institutions, National University of Ireland Maynooth.


Don’t forget that next week is International Education Week.  There are lots of interesting activities.  Visit this link for full details: http://ibp.nmsu.edu/international-education-week-2014/



Nov 7 2014 ·         Dr. Menking and Joshua Vanderhoof, IBP’s new international recruiter, travelled to Washington DC for meetings with various cultural missions and education offices.  Among the countries visited were Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Indonesia.

·         The Center for English Language Programs (CELP) has was selected to participate in Proyecta 100,000, a program that aims to bring 100,000 Mexican students  to the U.S. as part of a renewed spirit of cooperation between the governments of Mexico and the United States of America, under the Bilateral Forum on Higher Education, Innovation and Research (FOBES/I). As part of this, 30 students from Veracruz, Mexico have arrived to participate in 4 weeks of intensive English study during the last 4 weeks of the fall semester.

·         Dr. Ashley Ryan, CELP Academic Coordinator and IBP/College of Education Liaison, travelled to Ecuador as part of a follow-up observation phase of the “Go Teacher” that has brought over 200 Ecuadorians to NMSU over the past two years. Dr. Ryan observed in schools around the Quito, Ibarra, and Uyumbicho areas of Ecuador. While in Ecuador, Dr. Ryan represented NMSU at the Yachay Tech Inauguration & Convocation. Yachay Tech, in Urcuqui Ecuador, is a newly created university founded on innovation in technology and science. NMSU’s Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Department and CELP have partnered with Yachay Tech in recent months. Dr. Ryan was able to tour the campus, meet professors and the new class of Yachay Tech students.

·         On Nov. 5-6 the Confucius Institute collaborated with David Klement, NMSU Vocal Professor, Music Dept., on hosting the Orchid Ensemble, a trio of musicians who combine traditional Chinese instruments with modern musical sensibilities.  The performed and interacted with about 20 students that came to campus from Alma d’Arte Charter School, and then the trio went down to Vado Elementary School to perform for the Pre-K-2nd graders plus members of the local community.  The Confucius Institute also helped underwrite promotion costs for their primary concert at NMSU on the 6th.  (see photo attached)


  DACC and its Lerdo Student Exchange Club held a welcome event and dinner for 25 students visiting from Lerdo, Mexico.  The students will be here for a week engaging in various types of academic and cultural events.  Incredibly, this is the 31st year of this partnership with El Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico industrial y de servicios No. 4 (CBTis4).  A number of officials offered welcomes, including DACC President Renay Scott, Mayor Miyagashima, Dr. Tim Chappell, Peter Ibarbo from Congressman Pierce’s office, and Dr. Menking.  It was a remarkable evening with the Gadsden High School band playing and an award winning singer from Lerdo offering traditional Mexican songs.


Office of Education Abroad

A Study Abroad Pathways meeting was held with Dr. Peter Martin, Department Head, Civil Engineering.

In collaboration with Liliana Barraza, designed and presented to the Pathways Towards Degree Completion (PDC) group on best practices on international recruiting. During last month’s PDC, Liliana and Kristian Chervenock presented on best practices in international admissions.

OEA presented to UAR/AMP program regarding opportunities for study abroad for NM AMP students. Continuing dialog with College of Engineering and NM AMP coordinator of the importance of collaboration with OEA.


·         The 4th Annual Cultural Bazaar was held on Saturday, Oct. 11 in front of the Branigan Cultural Center during the weekly farmer’s market. Co-organized by IBP and the Cultural Center, the event was very well attended, with tables by student organizations from Indonesia, Belize, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Jordan, and Sri Lanka.

·         On Oct. 8 International Student and Scholar Services hosted its annual International Picnic to welcome international students to NMSU.  150 were served.

·         IBP received a visit by Andres Venegas Beltran, Director General of the Instituto de Capacitación para el Trabajo del Estado de Chihuahua, which was organized by Eduardo Medina.  The state of Chihuahua is seeking professional training in various areas and Dr. Menking is working with ACES to accommodate their needs.

·         IBP received a visit by Rubén I. Zamora, Ambassador Permanent Representative to Mission of El Salvador to the United Nations.  Mr. Zamora, guided by ACES’ Paul Gutierrez, is seeking technical assistance in agricultural sector in the country of El Salvador.

·         Dr. Menking, Colin Large and Ashley Ryan had a video meeting with Capitán Álvaro Pinzón García, coordinator of international relations for the Colombian National Police.  They are interested in large-scale training in both English and technical police training.  Discussions will continue and will hopefully bear fruit.

·         Dr. Menking attended the 20th annual Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) meeting held in Tucson, AZ.  Networking about many avenues for expanded collaboration with Mexican partners occurred.




Oct 7 ·         IBP had the honor of hosting the first New Mexico Global Education Consortium Summit at the Farm and Ranch Museum on October 1-2.  Eight New Mexico colleges and universities were represented, along with numerous individuals from NMSU.  Talks about the importance of the internationalization of higher education were given by President pro tempore of the Senate Mary Kay Papen, NM Senator Cisco McSorley, President Carruthers, Provost Howard, Associate Provost Menking, Jerry Pacheco of the NM International Business Accelerator, Vice President for Economic Development Boberg, VP for Advancement Cheryl Harrelson, Nigel Holman, and Deborah Widger.  Lots of discussion by the delegates from around the state resulted in a commitment to NM working together to improve student access to global education.

·         IBP hosted a visit by Giovanni Anzola Pardo, Director of the Office of International and Institutional Relations at Universidad de La Salle in Bogota Colombia.  Meetings with numerous faculty and administrators were held to discuss upcoming projects and the execution of the Partners in the America grant that NMSU won with that university.


International Student and Scholar Services

·         Fall 14 enrollment is 1217 international students, including 572 graduate students, 552 undergraduate students and 93 non-degrees

·         1140 students are enrolled in programs on the Main Campus and 77 at the Branch Campuses

·         International students this semester are from 83 countries

·         The top five countries represented are Mexico (209 students), Kuwait (146), China (124), Saudi Arabia (121) and India (113)

·         Two recruiters represented NMSU at a student recruitment fair in Juarez on October 1.


September 26, 2014 International and Border Programs

·         On Sept 5 a meeting was held at IBP among various faculty and administrators to discuss a strategy for utilizing graduate assistant funds recently earmarked to support and expand the Peace Corps Masters International and Fellowship programs at NMSU.

·         Cornell Menking attended the European Association of International Education conference in Prague, Czech Republic from Sept. 15-19.  For the first time, NMSU had a booth where Menking met with existing partners and developed new collaborative possibilities for NMSU.

·         From Sept 8-12 Menking also was part of a delegation led by Provost Howard to the Agriculture University of Hebei where possible collaborations were discussed and a general MOU signed.

·         Last week IBP units hosted visitors from Hebei Normal University in China and discussed opportunities to develop deeper collaborations between NMSU and HNU leading to an increased number of HNU students at NMSU studying Spanish, English, Education and ESL.


Office of Education Abroad

·         OEA will conduct, for the first time, a presentation on leading Faculty Led International Programs (“FLiP’s”) at DACC’s All-faculty Professional Development Day.  This comes on the heels of the hugely successfully first Study Abroad Fair held at DACC earlier this month.

·         Presented to all University advisors (9/19) during the University Advisors Symposium.

·         Conducted a Gilman Scholarship Workshop in coordination with the Honors College (9/23)

·         Presented to the Pathways Towards Degree Completion (PDC) Committee on Best Practices in International Admissions (9/25 and 9/26).


Center for English Language Programs

·         A new 8 week session begins October 10 and over 60 continuing students, and about 20 new students, are registered.


International Student and Scholar Services

·         The Fall welcome picnic was postponed because of rain and will be held Wednesday October 8th east lawn at Garcia Annex, 11:30am -1:00 pm

·         The Cultural Bazaar co-sponsored by IBP and the Las Cruces Branigan Museum will be held Saturday October 11th from 10:00am -1:00pm outside of the Branigan Museum.

·         Two recruiters represented NMSU at a student recruitment fair in Chihuahua City on September 18th. They will also attend at a student recruitment fair in Ciudad Juarez on October 1st.


Confucius Institute

·         The CI celebrated Confucius Week and its 7th year on the NMSU campus.  On September 25 its annual board meeting was held and fun cultural events for the community were held outside of Corbett Auditorium.  A formal ceremony was also held in the Faculty Senate Chamber.  Attending were representatives of the CI Chinese partner university, Shijiazhuang Institute of Science and Technology, President Liu Guiyun and Chairman Wu, and Deputy Provost Greg Fant.


Sept 5  
August 29, 2014 For the first time, IBP combined the orientation of the different international students arriving on campus simultaneously – exchange students (59 new), international students (212 new), and intensive English students (60 new).  Despite their different needs, it proved to be a more efficient way to orient them, as well as an exciting opportunity for the students from 49 different countries to meet one another.  It was a dramatic sight to see the standing-room-only crowd in Corbett Auditorium.


International Student and Scholar Services

·         ISSS completed arrival paperwork for 212 new students – 116 graduates and 96 undergraduates.  This is down slightly from a final count of 226 last year.

·         Of notable mention:

o   Over 50 Brazilians now study at NMSU as part of a non-degree undergraduate program known as the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program.

o   One new Fulbright scholar – Manzamasso Hodjo from Togo, W. Africa, a Masters student studying Ag Economics.

o   Two new Organization of American States scholars – Martin Pertab from Guyana, a Masters student studying Economics, and Beverly Supersaad, from Student. Kitts and Nevis, a Masters student in Education.

Office of Education Abroad

·         OEA welcomed a record number 59 new exchange students.

·         With the enthusiastic commitment of new DACC President Renay Scott, OEA will host its first Study Abroad Fair at DACC on Tuesday, September 2.  The event will be at the East campus, Student Resource Center from 10:00 to 2:00 pm and will include lunch.

·         OEA will also host its regular Fall Study Abroad Fair at the NMSU Corbett Center Student Union on Wednesday, September 3 from 10:00 to 2:00 pm.

·         OEA hosted its first ever “Welcome Back” event for students returning to NMSU after having studied abroad last year.  Multiple students, faculty members, and international clubs made presentations, including an excellent reverse culture shock presentation by Dr. Eric Morgan.

Confucius Institute                                      

·         The Confucius Institute received three additional teachers this week.  Classes begin in Albuquerque next week, including the institute’s first off-campus dual enrollment program with Cottonwood Preparatory Academy.

Center for English Language Programs

·         Current total CELP enrollment is 157 – 89 of them studying intensive English (60 new students from 8 countries, and 29 returning students) and 68 of them enrolled in SPCD 110/470, which includes some Brazilians and exchange students.  Note that SPCD 110/470 is the only for-credit course CELP continues to teach.

·         CELP tested 60 new students from 8 countries for placement into its intensive English program on August 19th. An additional 49 admitted students were tested for placement into for-credit courses — SPCD 110 or SPCD 111G (undergraduate) and SPCD 110 or SPCD 470 (graduate).

·         Thanks to the Athletics Department for donating 14 tickets to participants in the Go Yachay Program (Ecuador) to Thursday’s opening football game. This was their first experience with American football, and they were very excited to join in the fun.


Aug 18 ·         On August 6 Cornell Menking presented at “Ecuador Day” at Kansas State University. Present at the event was Ecuadorian Ambassador to the U.S. Nathalie Cely, KSU Provost April Mason, members of the KSU Board of Regents, and two hundred other guests.  The title of Menking’s presentation was “The Ecuadorian Go Teacher Project and Its Contributions to Comprehensive Internationalization at NMSU”.

·         NMSU hosted Dr. Zhaohu Li, Vice Presdient for Research at China Agriculture University in Beijing from August 11-15, 2014.  During his visit he had extensive visits with faculty and deans from ACES, Arts and Science, as well high level NMSU officials.  On August 12 Provost Howard hosted a large, well-attended reception for Dr. Li at his home.  It is hoped that numerous joint research and degree programs will result from the visit.

·         On August 12 IBP and the Center for English Language Programs graduated 63 participants from its third cohort of the Ecuadorian “Go Teacher” project.  NMSU has a proposal to continue the project and will hopefully host another group beginning in January, 2015.

·         Cornell Menking met with Kevin Boberg, Cecilia Levine, Lucinda Vargas regarding “El Punto” project in Juarez.  The project centers on the construction of a 62,000 square meter “church without walls” in El Chamizal.  Designed by world-renowned architects Herzog y De Meuron, the space will be a place to bring together religious, musical, artistic and cultural activities.  Further meetings will be held to gauge the NMSU community’s interest in contributing to the project.


July 31 IBP

·         The date for the annual Rotary International Student Picnic has been set for Sunday, September 28, 4-6 pm, at Preciado Park.


Confucius Institute:

·         Welcomed the first (of four) new Chinese language and culture teachers and immediately put her to work at Alma d’Arte Charter High School (which began classes 30 July) teaching 2 sections of Chinese 1 and 1 section of Chinese 3.

·         Planning continues for Confucius Day celebrations during the week of Sept. 22nd.  Mark your calendars!


Center for English Language Programs

·         The Graduate Dean from New Mexico Tech met with Associate Provost Menking, Dean Reyes, and Colin Large, Director of NMSU’s Center for English Language Programs (CELP), to finalize an agreement for NMSU to provide intensive English training for NM Tech applicants that need supplemental English training.

July 25 ·         Cornell H. Menking and Vimal Chaitanya attended a joint meeting of the APLU Commission on International Initiatives (CII) and the Council on Research Policy and Graduate Education (CRPGE) on July 14-17.  Both delivered presentations at the conference.  A result of the event is a renewed commitment on the part of the VPR’s Office and the Office of International and Border Programs to work more closely to advance NMSU’s international research agenda.

·         Pam Herron, a member of the NMSU Confucius Institute staff, is currently chaperoning students from Cathedral High School in El Paso, TX as part of the Hanban Chinese Bridge program.


July 7-11  

·         Elvira Masson , co-Director of NMSU’s Confucius Institute, was part of a celebration of 35 Years of China-US Scholarly Exchange at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.  The event celebrated some of the earliest and most important contributors to U.S.-Chinese exchange projects.  Speakers included internet entrepreneur Robin Li Yanhong, founder of Baidu the most widely used search engine in China and the first Chinese company to be listed on the NASDAQ-100 Index.  The delegation was hosted by the 100,000 Strong Foundation, a Ford Foundation funded initiative of the Obama administration to send 100,000 American students to China to study between 2010 and 2014.  The meeting was concurrent with a meeting between US Secretary of State John Kerry, Treasury Secretary John Lew, and Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen.  Sec. Kerry, US Ambassador Max Baucus, China State Councilor Madame Liu Yandong, and basketball star Yao Ming joined them for a group photo afterwards (photo unavailable).

·         The Office of Education Abroad deepened its thorough integration into departmental goals by continuing with meetings with department heads across campus, and developing a new marketing strategy (complete with multimedia) for AY 14/15.

·         The Center for English Language Programs said goodbye to 54 Colombians and welcomed nearly a dozen new students from new partner institution Universidad Uniminuto in Bogota, Colombia, as well as the first faculty that are part of an agreement with Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez.

·         NMSU received a visit by Dr. Marie Lummerzheim, International Relations Director of LaSalle Institut Polytechnic Beauvais in France.  Her visit included extensive meetings with faculty and administrators in ACES where promising possibilities and a future MOU were discussed.  She was treated to an elegant luncheon served by Chef Maurice Zeck at the Bobby Lee Lawrence Academy of Wine, and given a tour of ACES facilities.

·         NMSU was host to a visiting faculty from SOMEXAA (Sociedad Mexicana de Administracioin Agropecuaria, AC).  He was the guest of Dr. Terry Crawford and had meetings with ACES officials, Eduardo Medina, and Cornell Menking to discuss possibilities and a future MOU.

July 7, 2014 No report
June 30, 2014 ·         The Office of International and Border Programs was host to Dr. Carlos Gabriel Gómez Restrepo, the President of Universidad de La Salle in Bogota, Colombia from June 22-25.  Better known as “Brother Carlos”, Gomez had visits with the President, Provost, and numerous ACES faculty. His visit was a follow-up on the recent Partners of the Americas grant won by NMSU and his university, as well as a chance to visit with 54 Universidad de La Salle students and faculty who are on campus this summer as part of NMSU’s intensive English program.  He also delivered an inspiring talk to a full room about the role of education in the development of a post-conflict Colombia.

·         Visiting Colombian and Ecuadorian students had World Cup fever and enjoyed some rowdy viewings of their teams’ soccer games in Corbett Student Center.



June 16, 2014 ·         The Office of Education Abroad is proud to announce six new recipients of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, the most prestigious scholarship of study abroad programs for U.S. undergraduate students. We congratulate the following students:  Anais Gomez (South Korea), Maia Porras (Spain), Desiree Gomez (Japan), Rebecca Urquidi (Morocco), Christina Solaequi  (Korea), Maya Guillen (France).  For more about these wonderful students visit this link: http://ibp.nmsu.edu/nmsu-boasts-six-gilman-recipients/

·         53 students arrived from Bogota, Colombia for a four week intensive English program.  This is a special project with NMSU’s partner, Universidad de La Salle.

·         The first “CELP Summer Academy” began.  This new enrichment program serves all individuals studying intensive English at NMSU.  It’s a combination of tutoring, daily study labs, evening activities (yoga, games, pool parties, cultural events), and social programs.  The program will culminate in an Olympic style team-building exercise in the second week of July.

·         The Confucius Institute reports that Co-Director Ken Hammond and Provost Dan Howard have concluded a series of productive meetings in Beijing and Shijiazhuang, China which should lead to several beneficial exchanges between NMSU and Hebei Normal University, Hebei Agricultural University, and the National Agricultural University.  More details to come upon their return to campus Monday, June 16.

·         The Confucius Institute took delivery of some 2,000 textbooks to use in classrooms next year, provided by the Chinese Language Council International (Hanban).

·         Dr. Hugo Vilchis completed a special academic writing workshop for 25 faculty from Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez.  The course was very well received and further spin-off courses are expected.


June 9, 2014


·         No Report


June 2, 2014


·         On May 27, 2014 in San Diego at the first 100,000 Strong in the Americas capacity building workshop, the Department of State, Partners of the Americas and NAFSA: Association of International Educators announced nine new winners of 100,000 Strong in the Americas innovation grant.  Winners included partner universities Universidad de La Salle in Bogotá Columbia and New Mexico State University.  The award will help students from both universities work on a joint irrigation project in Colombia.  This is a very prestigious and high-profile competition, and a key victory for the Office of international and Border Programs.

·         Five International and Border Programs staff also attended the largest international education conference in the world, the NASA annual meeting, in San Diego California last week.  While there, two staff, Kristian Chervenock and Clint Hourigan, won the TEAN  NAFSA Fun Charity 5k race and gave New Mexico State Aggies yet one more thing to be proud of!

·         Cornell H. Menking is in Turkey and Azerbaijan traveling with four New Mexico State Senators this week.  The delegation is working with universities and governments to explore collaborative possibilities for both the state and the University.


May 26, 2014


·         In a recent review of travel authorization requests it was noted that NMSU had 769 requests filed in 2013.  231 students (81 undergraduate, 116 graduate, 34 unidentified) and 538 non-students (faculty, staff, researchers).  Combine this with 344 for-credit study abroad students this year and we had over 1,100 Aggies go abroad in 2013!

·         Three NMSU faculty were invited to be summer guest lecturers at Universidad de La Salle in Bogota, Colombia. This is the second year NMSU has participated.  This year’s participants include Azadeh Osanloo, College of Education; and Sean Rogers, College of Business; Jeffrey Query, College of Business.  Each will deliver a 20 hour workshop on a special topic in their areas.



May 19, 2014



·         The Confucius Institute received electronic Chinese Cultural Experience equipment for 3 schools, including a two large LED touch screen systems, computers, and printers.  These will be used by Confucius Classroom teachers to teach about Chinese culture.

·         The Confucius Institute also reached agreements to add more sections of Chinese language at NMSU, UTEP, Cathedral High School, and Las Cruces High School.


May 12, 2014


·         The Office of Education Abroad hosted a consultant from St. Olaf college, Helene McCallum, to review NMSU’s risk management policies and procedures as they relate to education abroad.  The visit was extremely productive with many concrete ideas for improvement.

·         Cornell H. Menking travelled to Mexico City to participate in the Foro Bilateral sobre Educación Superior, innovación e investigación (FOBESSI)held at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico) Tlatelolco.  The themes of this gathering were Language Acquisition and academic mobility.  This was the fourth in a series of forums to foster deeper collaboration between Mexico and the U.S. in order to achieve the goals set by Presidents Obama and Nieto to attract 100,000 Mexicans into U.S. universities, and send 50,000 U.S. students to Mexico.  Currently only 14,000 Mexicans study in the U.S. – 9% of which study at UTEP alone.



May 5, 2014


·         On Tuesday, May 29, a newly reconstituted International and Border Programs Advisory Council met.  The Provost issued the groups new charge, and a draft of a new 2014-2020 Internationalization Strategic Plan was presented and discussed.  A web page was established to inform the community about internationalization efforts at NMSU, including membership and activities of the advisory council, as well as international reports http://ibp.nmsu.edu/internationalization/


April 25, 2014


·         On Thursday, April 24, fourteen “Vamos Yachay” participants arrived at NMSU.  For all of them it was their first ride in an airplane, and their first time outside of Ecuador.  They are part of NMSU’s involvement in the Ecuadorian “Yachay: Ciudad de Conocimiento” (City of Knowledge) project.  The participants will receive 8 months of intensive English as well as training from the Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management.

·         NMSU’s Confucius Institute is now an official HSK (Chinese Language Proficiency Test) site.  A recent implementation of the test showed that of the 40 college and high school students who took the last exam, 95% passed, and 10% received the highest marks.

·         The Confucius Institute has enrolled 20 high school juniors and seniors from Albuquerque’s Cottonwood Preparatory Academy in a Chinese language class taught by NMSU Confucius Institute faculty for dual credit with NMSU next fall.



April 14, 2014 (not sent)



IBP held two special meetings with all students sponsored by a foreign government (Kuwaitis and Saudis) to thank them for choosing NMSU, inform them of upcoming changes, and discuss  issues surrounding academic citations.


Cornell H. Menking attended the AIEA Thematic Forum: Developing Institutional Strategies for Growing Global Research hosted at the University of South Florida.


On Thursday Education Abroad “Marketeers” conducted a “flash mob” outside of Corbett Center to promote study abroad.  The students sported Australian and Canadian spandex “morph suits” and pantomimed to a song encouraged getting to know the world around us.



APRIL 6, 2014


15 undergraduates arrived as part of the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program.  Participants will study English through the summer and then enroll as visiting students in STEM courses for the 2014-15 academic year.  Such cohorts of students will continue into the future as part of the program to send 100,000 Brazilians to the US.


IBP hosted two officials from the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman/Cultural Division.  They met with Deans Jacquez, Brook and Reyes, as well as Julie Weber from housing. They were extremely pleased with the experience their first students have had this semester in the Center for English Language Programs and expect to begin sending significant numbers of Business and Engineering undergraduate students next year.


MARCH 25, 2014


The Office of International and Border Programs (IBP) hosted its annual International Festival off campus for the first time at the Las Cruces Convention Center on Saturday, March 22.  It also co-hosted for the first time with the City of Las Cruces.  The Mayor Pro Tem, Senator Mary Kay Papen, and Provost Dan Howard were in attendance, along with 650 people from the community.  IBP will continue to grow the festival and expects even greater community participation next year.


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