2015 International Education Week Observed

NMSU celebrated International Education Week from November 16th through November 20th. The week was set up with activities to showcase different events on campus demonstrating NMSU’s high degree of internationalization and diversity.

The festivities started with advertising that included 17 student volunteers.  Both local and International students chalked fun facts promoting the week’s events all over campus. There was a talk on “An Egyptian Revolutionary Woman: From Life Imprisonment to Forced Exile”, as well as a question and answer session with a Peace Corp recruiter and the screening of a  Brazilian movie entitled “Somos Tão Jovens”,

Throughout the week, students were given a chance to “chalk-the-walk” where they were asked to write international messages on the sidewalk (photo).  Between 50-75 students participated in the event where boxes of chalk and refreshments were made available and students were asked what they felt it meant to be “international” to them. Students wrote things such as “Prays for Paris”, as well as words that they learned in their foreign language classes at NMSU. There were pictures, flags, and favorite places all drawn in chalk.

A tabling event was also held.  Nine internationally oriented organizations promoted their offerings, including Aggies Go Global, The Peace Corp , the International Club of NMSU, World Friends, Center For English Language Programs (CELP) , Confucius Institute , Study Abroad Ambassadors, Office of Education Abroad  and the U.S. Passport.

More photos of “chalk-the-walk”.

20151115_160847_resized - Copy

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