Supplemental International Travel Insurance

Page last updated December 07, 2018


NMSU’s Business and Procedures Manual, section 5c, requires insurance of employees traveling internationally that includes repatriation (Note: kidnap/ransom coverage requirement temporarily suspended on June 14, 2017).  The following two options are available to travelers:

Two Options for Supplemental Insurance

GeoBlue is the more comprehensive policy @ $48.85 for 30 days (GeoBlue does not prorate). This policy is for employees and students; however, All students traveling internationally must purchase the GeoBlue. Employees can choose whether they want GeoBlue or BETA. GeoBlue is processed upon receipt of the travel form by the IBP office and can be charged to departmental index, credit card, or paid via check, money order or cash. BETA can only be purchased with traveler’s personal credit card. Pcards cannot be used to purchase insurance.

BETA is a basic policy at $23 for 6 mos or $40 for a year, and is for Faculty/Staff only. They can choose whether they want GeoBlue or BETA. As stated above, BETA can only be purchased using traveler’s personal credit card.

Information about both options is available here (NMSU not responsible for accuracy of this information):



Purchasing the Insurance

GeoBlue is processed by IBP on behalf of Faculty/Staff and students.

BETA can only be purchased by faculty/staff. IBP can provide the link for faculty/staff to purchase BETA insurance with a personal credit card. Pcards cannot be used to purchase insurance. If BETA is purchased by faculty/staff, proof of insurance must be provided to IBP as soon as purchase has been made. 
For more information, contact Cindy Garrett at or (575) 646-7041


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