The office of International and Border Programs is constantly seeking opportunities for our faculty to work and  teach abroad.  There are numerous scenarios that can occur.  Of course there are grants, but often foreign universities tell us they simply want Americans, or native English speakers, to teach courses on their campus for the sake of offering a different perspective and a chance for their faculty to practice English in their discipline area.  Sometimes we have contract opportunities as well.  Below are some of of the opportunities that we have identified (note that we can still look into the viability of expired opportunities):

  1. Grants to Get You Abroad
    1. Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Awards
    2. Kellogg Institute for International Studies Visiting Fellowships (Oct 1 2017 deadline)
    3. See also Resources for Faculty page
  2. Mexican Opportunities — NMSU has increasing opportunities for faculty in Mexico, especially in the northern states.  Contact IBP if you have questions and want to discuss more options.  
    1. CONAHEC Short-Term Visiting Scholars Program (currently closed, but expect another round in Spring 2018)
    2. Universidad Juarez del Estado de Durango is interested in visiting faculty in all disciplines.  Instruction in English or Spanish.  Contact IBP for more information.


      Universidad Juarez del Estado de Durango visitors at NMSU, October 2016.

    3. Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City solicited international visiting professors in business disciplines in the summer of 2017.  See this flier for more information.  Remember, let IBP know if you respond.
    4. Puebla, Mexico at Polytechnic University of Puebla.  Very nice visiting faculty opportunity for engineers.  4-24 weeks.  Click here for more information.
  3. South American Opportunities 
    1. Opportunity to participate in a two-week expense paid volunteer experience called “Farmer to Farmer” in Colombia:  Visit this link for more details. (New! Posted November 2017)
    2. Universidad Mayor in Santiago, Chile. This university has a lot of similarities with NMSU (arid area, comprehensive, but strong in ag and engineering, etc.).  The President is an NMSU alumnus and we recently (May 2016) finalized an agreement with this university.  Faculty exchange is part of the deal, so if you’re interested we can approach this new partner about faculty exchange or visiting faculty opportunities at this university.
    3. Bogota, Colombia at Universidad de La Salle Summer School – Short 20 hour courses over a two week period, modest honorarium, round trip airfare and on-campus accommodations provided.  La Salle is a very close partner of NMSU’s and faculty over the past few years have very much enjoyed their experience working with both faculty and students in workshops of varying topics. Cllck here for the link to the summer 2017 call for proposals.
    4. Ecuador Visiting Scholar Program — The Prometeo Project is a key component of SENESCYT. It was conceived and is executed by the Ecuadorian government and it seeks to promote and strengthen education, scientific research, innovation and technological development. Prometeo is constantly looking for foreign or Ecuadorian specialists with a wide, well-known experience in their particular area of study, who are willing to take up residence in Ecuador from four months to up to a year to carry out research projects with the aid of a host institution. These stays can be done in intervals and a second term is possible once the first has ended.  Prometeo Project Brochure (english)    FAQ’s
  4. Chinese Opportunities 
    1. Shanghai, China at Donghua University – Donghua is a well-established partner of NMSU’s where students often go to study Chineselanguage.  The visiting faculty option here is for five months or longer.  Good pay. Perfect for a sabbatical.  Visit this page for more information.
    2. Hebei Normal University in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China is our new (Spring 2016) Confucius Institute partner institution.  Faculty exchange is of great interest to them.  Historically a teachers college, HNU is now a comprehensive university.  Contact IBP for more details.
    3. Shijiazhuang, China at Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Vocational College (SSTVC), Hebei Normal University, Hebei Science and Technology University, Shijiazhuang College.
      Time of service: August 25th–July 10th, 2015.
      Salary and bebefits: 4000–5000yuan/month, China side will pay for the round trip air tickets, a suite for each teacher including furniture.
      Requirements; a. speak perdect English, b. with good health, c. has a master degree, d. better have two year teaching experience, e. with two professors’ references.
      Age requirement: not older than 55.
      Contact person: Elvira Masson


      Elvira Masson took NMSU students to see the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, China in 2014.

  5. European Opportunities
    1. Aarhus University in Denmark – 3 and 4 week teaching opportunities in all discipline areas.  Good pay (in Euros), and round trip airfare.  Ph.D. required.  Competitive.
    2. Maynooth University, Ireland.  Individually negotiated summer teaching opportunities.
    3. Zagreb, CroatiaZagreb School of Economics and Management.  This small, elite business school has very attractive visiting lecturer packages for executive management courses.  Package even includes down time for the families of participating faculty.  Round trip airfare, local travel (vacation time on the Mediterranean!), accommodations,  and small salary included.
    4. Ecole de Management de Normandie (Harve Campus), in Northern France, near the town of Caen, is a rapidly growing Business school with a serious commitment to internationalization.  NMSU is already exchanging students, but they are open to receiving visiting lecturers.  They state that they don’t have any special need but that our faculty are welcome whenever they wish. They are open to organizing some specific seminars or research meetings.  Specialties that they mention an interest in are Marketing, Logistics, Supply chain, Cross Cultural Negotiation, International Business, Ethics, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, and International Events.  Other areas may be of interest as well.

Email Cornell Menking or respond to if you are interested in pursuing one of these opportunities.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Did you know we can help faculty take students abroad as part of a regular NMSU course? Visit our “FLiP” page to learn about the support mechanisms in place to help!

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